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welding inspection technology fundamentals test 1

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Which of the following metals can...,
When requested buy the company fi...,
The melting point of carbon steel...
37  cards
Aws. QCI 2016
How many years must the candidate...
1  cards
The melting point of carbon steel...,
Which of the following metals can...,
Decibel is a term associated with...
69  cards
API 1104
For procedures specification of f...,
When qualifying a test procedure ...,
Shallow crater cracks or star cra...
78  cards
The technique which does not aid ...,
For playing carbon steels how are...,
As the temperature of the base me...
17  cards
Part B
Pie equals what a 341 b 314 c 313,
For guided bend test discontinuit...,
Arc strikes outside the weld grov...
10  cards
Part B
What is in appendix l a pqr b per...,
What is in appendix ll a a perfor...
4  cards
Hobart Math
Cwi are certified to standard,
A 1 4 convex fillet weld has a no...,
The cwi shall be able to preform ...
11  cards
Appendix vl
The face of a fillet we ll maybe ...,
In the case of butt and corner jo...,
The groove weld shall be free of ...
3  cards
Welding Processes
E70c 6m e electrode 70 tensile st...,
Fcaw flux core arc welding e elec...
5  cards
Welding Inspection Technology
The acronym for kash stands for a...,
A definition of ethics a using co...,
Nde personnel other than a cwi ar...
32  cards
WIT Chapter 4
Which of the following is not con...,
The term for the type of joint fo...,
The term for the portion of a sin...
16  cards
Chapter 5 WIT
Of the following which may be con...,
The job document that best descri...,
The type of document that has leg...
29  cards
Chapter 6
The property of metal that descri...,
The property of metal that descri...,
Generally as strength increases f...
35  cards
Welding Symbol
F stands for root opening finish ...,
Stands for a groove angle b conto...,
A stands for root opening root an...
11  cards
New API 1104
What what does swe swv stand for ...,
What does tcg stand for a time co...,
The crown hight max for external ...
4  cards
New Part B
Structural steel base metal shall...,
Fillet weld shall not be terminat...,
Time of inspection for astm a 514...
7  cards
39  cards
Hardness Testing
Rockwell hardness testing a steel...,
Brinell hardness test a steel bal...,
Vickers hardest test a steel ball...
4  cards
Welding Infomation
In reverse polarity the a electro...,
The gmaw welding process has thre...
2  cards
Chapter 7
0  cards
Heat Treatment
He treatment conditions can be de...
1  cards
NDT Fundamentals
Which one of the following detect...,
Acceptance criteria in inspection...,
When using magnetic particle insp...
4  cards
Fundamental Questions Set 1
The modernized metric system whic...
1  cards
Welding Inspector Questions
For work governed by codes and in...,
What is the minimum educational l...
2  cards
Cracks which result from insuffic...
1  cards
Fillet Welds Symbols
A 1 4 convex fillet well has a no...
1  cards
If linear porosity is aligned alo...
1  cards
Method of Welding Processes
Automatic welding a aw b au c awp,
Manual welding a ma b mw c maw,
Mechanize welding a mw b au c me
4  cards
Hobart Set 1
The cawi shall be able to perform...,
Cawi certification a requires ren...
2  cards

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