welding level 2

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Describe and explain the principl...,
What position s can saw be used in,
Name four 4 types of materials th...
36  cards
Which organization is designated ...,
Which organization writes most of...,
Which code or standard covers wel...
7  cards
Chapter 9 SMAW
What is the temoerature of the ar...,
What is polarity,
Power sources produce which two t...
27  cards
Chapter 10 SMAW
How is power supplied for ac and ...,
What are the two terminals for ac...,
True or false the electrode lead ...
10  cards
Chapter 11 SMAW
What is the function of shielding...,
What is the diameter of the elect...,
Using the electrode identificatio...
28  cards
Chapter 12 SMAW
What is arc blow,
Why is arc blow not a problem whe...,
What is worn under the welding he...
24  cards
Chapter 13 SMAW
A drag travel angle or backhand w...,
What are the advantages of a smal...,
Why shouldn t electrode be bent
26  cards
Chapter 19 GTAW
What is gtaw,
What are the two common terms for...,
What are the 4 basic parts of set...
51  cards
Chapter 20 GTAW
How should cylinders containing c...,
If a ball float type flowmeter is...,
What part of the torch must be lo...
35  cards
Chapter 21 GTAW
What is a weld pool,
What is a filler metal,
Usually a filler metal with a sim...
24  cards
Chapter 22 GTAW
What is out of position wleding,
What causes a weld bead to sag an...,
What travel angle is used to weld...
25  cards
Chapter 17 GMAW and FCAW
What does gmaw stand for,
What does gmaw stand for,
The _____________ method pulls or...
37  cards
Chapter 16 GTAW and FCAW
___________________ rolls are use...,
_______________ rolls are used fo...,
______________ rolls have ridges ...
47  cards
Chapter 15 GMAW and FCAW
Gmaw is a welding process in whic...,
Gmaw is mig welding mig stands fo...,
Gmaw uses _______ as an electrode...
65  cards
Chapter 18 GMAW and FCAW
Most welding qualification tests ...,
Fcaw can be done out of position ...,
Electrodes with a 0 in the streng...
18  cards
Chapter 36 Inspecting and Testing Welds
What is a flaw or discontinuity,
What is a defect,
The code or specification determi...
27  cards
Chapter 4
_______________ is an example of ...,
What is resistance spot welding,
What is resistance welding
39  cards
Practice Exam #2: Chapters 15-18
Which out of position can be made...,
When comparing spray transfer to ...,
Which of the following is not a r...
31  cards
Practice Exam #3: Chapter 19-22, 35 & 36
Which of the following is not a p...,
Which of the following is not sel...,
To set an amount of welding curre...
20  cards
Old Modules
Low carbon steels have a carbon c...,
If the carbon range in a steel is...,
Medium carbon steels have a carbo...
19  cards
Level 2 Handout
Which gas produces more btus,
What does the x represent in er70s x,
What does 1g mean
16  cards

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