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Grape Varieties / General
Minor white grape variety burgundy,
Synonym for malbec in the loire,
What is baco noir
148  cards
El celler de can roca,
Osteria francescana,
12  cards
41  cards
Wine Personalities
16  cards
Champagne Grand Cuvee
Billecart salmon,
Bruno paillard
25  cards
12  cards
Name the two methods used for the...,
Name the three subregions of dour...,
What was the name of lisboa igp u...
66  cards
Germany / Luxembourg / Belgium / Denmark
Name the four tier vdp classifica...,
Name the three bereichs of rheinh...,
When was the verband deutscher pr...
88  cards
Dobrocic and crljenak kastelanski...,
Most planted grape variety of ist...,
What is the name of the associati...
23  cards
Serbia / Albania / Montenegro / Slovenia / Czech Republic
In serbia muscat a petits grains ...,
Serbias most promising red grape,
Which vine disease has not been e...
8  cards
France - Bordeaux
Name the six communes that make u...,
Name the five communes of sautern...,
Name the satellites of st emilion
117  cards
Which region of romania produces ...,
Which doc of romania is famous si...,
Synonym of muscat a petits grains...
11  cards
France - Burgundy & Beaujolais
Name the grand crus of chablis,
Name the ten cru beaujolais from ...,
Name the five principal villages ...
113  cards
Italy & Malta
Name the subzones of valtellina s...,
Minimum ageing for barolo docg an...,
Name the four docgs of campania
123  cards
Minimum sugar concentration for v...,
Minimum sugar concentration for s...,
Temperatures of fermentation for ...
71  cards
Somontano do is the only region o...,
Name the three types of soil we c...,
Which grape variety covers more t...
130  cards
South Africa / Rest of Africa
Which two districts of coastal re...,
When was the co operative wine gr...,
First ward to gain official recog...
71  cards
1 kmw klosterneuburger mostwage i...,
How many dac are there in austria...,
Alternative name for kmw austrian...
105  cards
Which is the most recently create...,
Smallest of the ten beaujolais crus
2  cards
Vin de Liqueur (VDL) / Fortified
Name the vdl which is produced by...,
Vdl made in the jura by blending ...,
Where is flor de gascogne produce...
76  cards
Vermouth / Cognac / Distillates / Cocktails
Which delimited aoc area of calva...,
Almost 90 of mezcal is made from ...,
What are the ingredients of boule...
50  cards
Regural sake with no milling requ...,
Term of cloudy sake,
Name the only non japanese person...
21  cards
France - Loire / Rhone / Jura / Savoie
Name the three subzones created i...,
In which aoc do we come across th...,
Grape varieties used in chateau r...
107  cards
French Sud-Ouest / South France / Provence / Corsica
What is the local grape variety t...,
Name of the traditional bottle of...,
Common name for muscat of alexand...
69  cards
South America - Chile / Argentina / Brazil / Uruguay
Largest winery of chile,
The chilean project sena is a col...,
Which region of uruguay is home t...
98  cards
Hungarys warmest wine region,
In which regions of hungary do th...,
What is palinka
38  cards
Australia / New Zealand
Which term replaced sherry for au...,
Name the subregions of marlborough,
First vintage of de bortoli noble...
95  cards
Name the pale pink wine made from...,
Valais name for chasselas,
Rare dark skinned grape specialty...
18  cards
USA / Canada / Mexico
Most important and promising wine...,
Most southerly ava of california ...,
In which ava is the chateau monte...
109  cards
China / Japan / India / Indonesia / Thailand / Armenia / Lebanon / Israel
Chinas oldest and largest wine pr...,
In which wine region of china is ...,
Japans northernmost island with e...
12  cards
Special metal crate holding many ...,
First vintage of krug clos d ambo...,
What is the minimum atm pressure ...
111  cards
Name the four noble hops,
Name the hop variety that many pe...,
Where is the core of altbier prod...
13  cards
Which english producer plans to c...,
Name of steven spurriers uk estate,
Which was the first champagne pro...
11  cards

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