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Systematic Approach To Tasting Wine
Appearance list the three levels ...,
Colour list the 5 levels of colou...,
Colour list the 3 levels of colou...
32  cards
C2 - Wine With Food
Which two components in food that...,
Which two components in food can ...,
Generallyhas more impact on the w...
33  cards
C3 - Storage And Service Of Wine
What is the ideal long term stora...,
Where is one of the worst places ...,
What are the two biggest risks wi...
36  cards
C4 - The Vine
What are the most important speci...,
Which vine species produces nearl...,
Why are american vines rarely use...
61  cards
C5 - The Growing Environment
What is the one factor influencin...,
How is a region s climate defined,
How is weather defined
113  cards
C6 - Vineyard Management
What are the three main considera...,
Which environmental conditions do...,
What business considerations must...
185  cards
C7 - Common Elements In Winemaking And Maturation
What is the next stage in winemak...,
On a basic level what is alcoholi...,
What is the next basic stage of w...
222  cards
C8 - White And Sweet Winemaking
What considerations need to be ma...,
During white winemaking what is t...,
What happens in whit winemaking o...
162  cards
C9 - Red and Rose Winemaking
The vast majority of fruit used i...,
What do some red winemakers do af...,
What is the name of the process o...
148  cards
C10 - Factors that Affect the Price of Wine
What are the seven broad brackets...,
What are the costs associated wit...,
What is typically the largest pro...
44  cards
C11 - Wine and the Law
What is the primary concern of au...,
Give an example of an area of foo...,
What is the issue if so2 levels a...
46  cards
C12 - Introduction To France
What is the french for pdo,
What is the traditional french te...,
Which french term for pdo is more...
6  cards
C13 - Bordeaux
In terms of volume and value what...,
What kind of climate does bordeau...,
What effect does the gulf stream ...
129  cards
C14 - The Dordogne And South West France
What is the wine growing area to ...,
What is the climate like in the d...,
What is the major appellation wit...
25  cards
C15 - Burgundy
How is the climate of burgundy be...,
What negative effects can rain ha...,
Which burgundy grape is particula...
111  cards
C16 - Beaujolais
What is the climate in beaujolais,
Why is beaujolais suited to gamay,
What can happen if gamay is not w...
30  cards
C17 - Alsace
What is the climate of alsace,
What is a potential climatic thre...,
How is alsace protected from the ...
81  cards
C18 - The Loire Valley
What are the four sub regions of ...,
What is the regional generic appe...,
What is the igp that covers the l...
110  cards
C19 - The Northern Rhone
Describe the rhone valley in the ...,
The best northern rhone vineyards...,
What is the general location situ...
76  cards
C20 - The Southern Rhone
What is the first town north of t...,
Describe the terrain in the south...,
Describe the soils of many of the...
65  cards
C21 - Southern France
Describe the climate of southern ...,
What are the two main areas of te...,
Describe vineyards in the foothil...
72  cards
C22 - Germany
What climate does the majority of...,
Where in germany are vineyards no...,
What effect does germanys climate...
155  cards
C23 - Austria
Where in austria is the grape gro...,
Describe the climate of eastern a...,
Describe weather variations in au...
68  cards
C24 - Tokaj
Where is the region of tokaj,
Describe the climate of tokaj,
Where are the best vineyards of t...
56  cards
C25 - Greece
Which three greek grape varieties...,
Describe the climate in greece,
Why is the eastern part of greece...
28  cards
C26 - Introduction to Italy
What is the italian for pdo,
What are the two italian pdo levels,
What are the broad restrictions r...
7  cards
C27 - Northern Italy
Describe the key geographical fea...,
What is the overall climate of no...,
What is the effect of proximity t...
135  cards
C28 - Central Italy
Describe the topography of centra...,
Where in central italy are grapes...,
How is temperature generally mode...
67  cards
C29 - Southern Italy
What constitutes southern italy,
Describe the climate of southern ...,
What is the principal economic ac...
46  cards
C30 - Spain
How many broad climatic zones doe...,
Describe spains northernmost clim...,
Describe spains middle climatic zone
237  cards
C31 - Portugal
Describe the climate of portugal,
How are high temperatures moderat...,
Give a climatic reason for the di...
63  cards
C32 - Introduction to the USA
On what is the american gi system...,
What is the size range of an ava,
What kinds of things do federal l...
6  cards
C33 - California
How long is the state of california,
What is the role of latitude in d...,
What is the biggest cooling influ...
162  cards
C34 - Oregon, Washington and New York
What are the two broad regions of...,
What is the most important ava in...,
Describe the location of willamet...
33  cards
C35 - Canada
What is the general climate in ca...,
What are the average annual tempe...,
What are average daytime temperat...
34  cards
C36 - Chile
What is the approximate total geo...,
How is chiles vineyard area geogr...,
What fills the gaps in the coasta...
119  cards
C37 - Argentina
Describe the general locations of...,
Over what range are the vineyards...,
Between where and where are the v...
106  cards
C38 - South Africa
Where are most of south africas w...,
Why can south africa produce a br...,
What is the latitude range within...
128  cards
C39 - Australia
Describe the size of australia,
What is the general climate tempe...,
What are the main climate temperi...
179  cards
C40 - New Zealand
What and where is new zealands ne...,
What is the overall climate of ne...,
Describe the temperatures of new ...
90  cards
C41 - Sparkling Wine Production
What are the three main requireme...,
Why should sparkling grapes have ...,
What range of alcohol will sparkl...
110  cards
C42 - Sparkling Wines of the World
How many appellations are there i...,
What is the one appellation in th...,
How many villages within champagn...
141  cards
C43 - Sherry
Where is the vineyard area of sherry,
Where must sherry be matured,
What is the climate of jerez
136  cards
C44 - Port
Where are the activities of the p...,
How is the vineyard area for port...,
Which area of port produces the l...
106  cards
C45 - Fortified Muscats
What flavour features are common ...,
Describe the best environment for...,
What does a cooling influence do ...
25  cards

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