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Chapter 1 - The Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine
What are the three sections of th...,
What can give a wine aromas of vi...,
What produces aroma of smokey mea...
14  cards
Chapter 2 - Wine with Food
What are the two components in fo...,
What are the two components in fo...,
Sweetness in a dish can make a dr...
7  cards
Chapter 3 - Storage and Service of Wine
What is the ideal temperature ran...,
What kind of wines should be deca...
2  cards
Chapter 4 - The Vine
Name the main eurasian wine speci...,
What are american vines commonly ...,
What are the two techniques used ...
16  cards
Chapter 5 - The Growing Environment
What are the five things a vine n...,
What is veraison,
Name six factors affecting heat
19  cards
Chapter 6 - Vineyard Management
What are the main techniques used...,
What is vine training,
What are the two broad categories...
23  cards
Chapter 7 - Common Elements in Winemaking and Maturation
Name the constituent parts of grapes,
What is the bloom of a grape,
What is protective or anaerobic w...
34  cards
Chapter 8 - White and Sweet Winemaking
Why does the juice need to be cla...,
What is the optimal temperature f...,
What can blending help achieve
14  cards
Chapter 9 - Red and Rose Winemaking
What is cold maceration or cold s...,
What is the typical temperature r...,
Name the main cap management tech...
19  cards
Chapter 10 - Factors that Affect the Price of Wine
What is often the largest product...,
How does the maturation aging tim...,
What are the three main types of ...
3  cards
Chapter 11 - Wine and the Law
What substance commonly found in ...,
Who is responsible for ensuring t...,
What is a gi
6  cards
Chapter 12 - Introduction to France
What term is used on wine labels ...,
What are french wines called when...
2  cards
Chapter 13 - Bordeaux
What is the largest appellation r...,
What is the climate in bordeaux,
Bordeaux wines are rarely made by...
20  cards
Chapter 14 - The Dordogne and South West France
What is the major appellation wit...,
What is the appellation within th...,
What is the most important grape ...
8  cards
Chapter 15 - Burgundy
What is the climate like in burgundy,
What are some of the natural clim...,
Outline the vineyard location of ...
15  cards
Chapter 16 - Beaujolais
What is the predominant productio...,
What is the best soil type in bea...,
What is the traditional method of...
6  cards
Chapter 17 - Alsace
What is the climate of alsace,
What is the name of the mountain ...,
What are the four principal appel...
7  cards
Chapter 18 - The Loire Valley
Within the loire valley where is ...,
What are the two most prestigious...,
What appellation within the loire...
13  cards
Chapter 19 - The Northern Rhone
What is the name of the cold nort...,
What is the climate of the northe...,
What is the primary black variety...
6  cards
Chapter 20 - The Southern Rhone
What is the climate of the southe...,
Southern rhone wines are often co...,
What are the primary black grape ...
9  cards
Chapter 21 - Southern France
What is the climate in southern f...,
What is the name of the wind that...,
What are the typical black grape ...
7  cards
Chaper 22 - Germany
What is pinot noir called in germany,
What is the climate in most of ge...,
What are the locations of the bes...
25  cards
Chapter 23 - Austria
What is the climate of austria,
What are the important white grap...,
What are the important black grap...
5  cards
Chapter 24 - Tokaj
What is the climate of tokaj,
What are the three principal whit...,
What are szamordoni bunches
5  cards
Chapter 25 - Greece
What are the thee indigenous grap...,
What is the climate of greece,
What are the three pdos of greece...
9  cards
Chapter 26 - Introduction to Italy
What is the italian term for pdo,
What traditional terms are widely...,
What is the italian term for pgi
5  cards
Chapter 27 - Northern Italy
What is the climate of northern i...,
What is the name of a complex tre...,
What is italys most northerly win...
32  cards
Chapter 28 - Central Italy
What are the main regions of cent...,
What is the climate of central italy,
What is the dominant grape of tus...
15  cards
Chapter 29 - Southern Italy
What is the climate in southern i...,
What are the principle regions of...,
What two zones of campania produc...
12  cards
Chapter 30 - Spain
What are the three broad climatic...,
What are the biggest challenges t...,
What are the key black varieties ...
35  cards
Chapter 31 - Portugal
What are the five main docs of po...,
What is the most significant clim...,
What are the characteristics of t...
13  cards
Chapter 32 - Introduction to the USA
What is the name of the united st...,
Avas can include land in more tha...,
Avas can include land that overla...
3  cards
Chapter 33 - California
What is an important climatic inf...,
What kind of irrigation is widely...,
In addition to the cold californi...
21  cards
Chapter 34 - Oregon, Washington and New York
Where does the willamette valley ...,
What is the climate of the willam...,
What is the most planted variety ...
8  cards
Chapter 35 - Canada
What is the growing climate in ca...,
What is the most important dva of...,
What is the canadian appellation ...
5  cards
Chapter 36 - Chile
What is chiles gi scheme called,
What are the four principal regio...,
What terms may appear on labels o...
12  cards
Chapter 37 - Argentina
What are some key climactic facto...,
What is a traditional trellising ...,
What are the key black grape vari...
10  cards
Chapter 38 - South Africa
What is the gi system of south af...,
What is the hierarchy of wine pro...,
What are two climatic influences ...
12  cards
Chapter 39 - Australia
What is the hierarchy of australi...,
What are the key black grape vari...,
What are the key white grape vari...
18  cards
Chapter 40 - New Zealand
What is the climate of new zealand,
Where to the vineyards of new zea...,
What are the key white grape vari...
13  cards
Chapter 41 - Sparkling Wine Production
The grapes used to make sparkling...,
How much is alcohol increased in ...,
Due to the added alcohol from the...
23  cards
Chapter 42 - Sparkling Wines of the World
How many grand cru and how many p...,
What are the three most famous su...,
What is the climate of the champa...
25  cards
Chapter 43 - Sherry
What is the climate of jerez spain,
What is the soil of jerez spain,
What are the three grape varietie...
20  cards
Chapter 44 - Port
What are the three sub regions th...,
What is the climate of the port g...,
What is the name of the narrow te...
11  cards
Chapter 45 - Fortified Muscats
What are key characteristics of m...,
What area from the southern rhone...,
What region of australia is known...
3  cards

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