WSET Level 3 Sake

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Sake Rice
Sugar for alcoholic fermentation, aromas & flavours Table rice & sake specific rice (Top 5) Rice classifications & grades
12  cards
Rice Cultivation
Calendar of rice cultivation Ideal soil & weather conditions
9  cards
Rice Preparation
Rice polishing Washing & soaking Steaming & cooling
16  cards
Preparing Koji
Enzymes converting starch into sugar & proteins into amino acids, aromas & flavours Yellow Koji Temperature of koji Temperature & humidity of koji room Handmade vs machine made koji Steps of koji production Types of koji
15  cards
Water & Yeast
Mineral content Yeast nutrients
12  cards
Fermentation Starter (Shubo/Moto)
Ingredients Types of shubo
11  cards
Main Fermentation (Moromi)
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
11  cards
Jozo Alcohol
Base material Distillation strength Timing & reasons for addition
9  cards
Filtration options Filter factions & residue
20  cards
Bulk & bottle pasteurisation Double Pasteurisation Nama-zume & Nama-chozo
12  cards
Sedimentation Protein Fining Charcoal Fining Final Filtration Dilution Maturation Blending
14  cards
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
39  cards
Principal Categories & Grades of Sake
Futsu-shu Premium Sake grades
8  cards
Labelling Terms Indicating Style
Kimoto Yamahai Muroka Nama Genshu Nigori Sparkling Taru Kijoshu Koshu
12  cards
Regional Factors
Niigata Kyoto Hyogo Hiroshima Toji guilds
9  cards
Trade Organisations
NRIB Brewing Society of Japan JSS JA
4  cards
Commercial & Economics
Total production Number of breweries Average production Export
6  cards
Storage & Faults
Optimum Condition Effects of poor storage Common faults
9  cards
Sake Service
Service temperature Service & drinking vessels
12  cards
7 Steps of Koji Making
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
7  cards
Food & Sake Pairing
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
6  cards

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WSET Level 3 Sake

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