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Topic 2 - Abnormal Psychology
What does the evolutionary perspe...,
What does the high prevalence and...,
Why are prevalence rates of menta...
7  cards
Topic 3 - Genetics & Psychopathology
What is behavioural genetics,
What is the goal of behavioural g...,
What are five methods employed in...
30  cards
Topic 4 - Neuroimaging and mental health
What do fmris measure,
What is the voxel,
What are rois
8  cards
Topic 5 - Neuroethics
What is neuroethics,
What are the three main concerns ...,
What are two projects that are cu...
3  cards
Topic 6 - Human Behavioural Ecology
What is ecology,
What is ethology,
What are tinbergen s 4 qs
9  cards
Topic 7 - Evolutionary Psychology
Does ep focus on proximate mechan...,
Is ep experimental in nature,
Is ep concerned with ecological v...
15  cards
Topic 8 - Evolutionary Psychiatry
If evolution is true why do menta...,
What does it mena for a disorder ...,
How do disorders arise despite na...
7  cards
Topic 9 - Depression 1
What is the percentage of people ...,
What are macrophages,
What are cytokines
12  cards
Topic 10 - Depression 2
What do maois do,
What is the effectiveness rate fo...,
What is the effectiveness rate fo...
4  cards
Topic 12 - Stress, Trauma and Psychopathology
What are some adverse effects of ...,
What areas of the brain do aces a...
2  cards
Topic 13 - Epigenetics of Stress
What are the major variations fou...,
How does personality influence th...,
What role has been found locus of...
3  cards
Topic 16 - Addiction
What are the three characteristic...,
What s the percentage of vulnerab...,
What is the relationship between ...
4  cards
Topic 17 - Cannabidiol
What s cbd,
Does the human body have receptor...,
How does cbd help with neurotrans...
3  cards
Topic 18 - Alzheimer's
What does the apoe4 gene do,
What are neurofibrillary tangles,
What are neuritic plaques
3  cards

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