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W1L1 Ion Channels, General (Dustin)
The permeability of the membrane ...,
What is the best studied example of,
Ach pentamer
28  cards
MT2: Hemostasis
What activates protein c,
Where is tissue factor not presen...,
What is the mechanism of action o...
19  cards
W1L2 Molecular Diversity of Ion Channels (Dustin)
Ion channels can be classified by...,
All ligand gated ion channels hav...,
Atp sensitive
48  cards
MT1 PP Open Questions
The open probability of an,
Ion channels are protein pores th...,
The protein segment responsible f...
26  cards
W2&3 Membrane Transports + Na/K ATP-ase (Dustin)
The phospholipid bilayer is most ...,
Simple diffusion no transporters ...,
Facilitated diffusion is what
41  cards
W3 Cholinergic Neurotransmission (Dustin)
What are the 4 main locations for...,
Where is acetylcholine synthesized,
For the above reaction name the s...
30  cards
W4 Noradrenergic Neurotransmission (Ben)
What is the general structure of ...,
From which aa are catecholamines ...,
What is the first step in the syn...
58  cards
WK5 Dopaminergic Transmission (Ben)
What two general processes does d...,
Describe the direct nigro striata...,
Describe the indirect nigro stria...
25  cards
WK5 Serotonergic Transmission (Ben)
The serotonergic system consists ...,
What is the 1st step in the synth...,
What is the co factor for tryptop...
26  cards
Structure of the k channel a dime...,
How can we explain the saturation...,
Which of the following statements...
13  cards
MT1: Mats Short Answers
1 name the enzymes of this reacti...,
Indicate one therapeutical means ...,
1 which nt is released from the m...
29  cards
WK06L1 - Hemostasis (Ben)
What is the difference between,
Simply what is primary hemostasis,
What is the general importance of
45  cards
WK06L2 - Hemostasis II (Ben)
What is the main difference in th...,
What is the main plasma factor in...,
What 3 amino acids are important ...
41  cards
WK07L1 - Hemostasis III (Ben)
What membrane bound molecule does...,
What determines the local amount ...,
Considering the last two cardswhe...
22  cards
WK08L1 - Fibrinolysis (Ben)
Describe a basic overview of fibr...,
How does plasminogen bind to fibr...,
How does tpa bind to fibrin to fo...
23  cards
WK08L1 - Platelets + Endothelium (Ben)
Describe generally what happens w...,
What is the difference between th...,
What is the process which results...
41  cards
WK08L2 - Atherosclerosis (Ben)
What class of molecules,
Scav classes,
Which of the scavenger receptors ...
25  cards
WK09L1 - Biotransformation I (Ben)
What are the 2 general reactions ...,
Generally what is the activity of...,
In what way can products of phase...
38  cards
WK09L2 - Biotransformation II (Ben)
What is the overall reaction perf...,
What are the 6 types of phase ii ...,
What is the co factor used in glu...
41  cards
MT2 Hemostatic Abnormalities (Dustin)
What is the most frequently inher...,
What factor is deficient in hemop...,
What is the difference between pr...
15  cards
Shirley's Notes Molecular Biochem I (Ben)
What are the primary dna polymera...,
What are the proteins responsible...,
What are
50  cards
Shirley's Notes Molecular Biochem II (Ben)
How are proteins made more fit fo...,
Describe the process of cotransla...,
Where do chaperone proteins send ...
21  cards
Final: Diseases + Their Causes (Ben)
What is the molecule responsible ...,
What is a condition which results...,
What condition results when the u...
35  cards
Final: AA Metabolism (Ben)
What is transamination which aas ...,
What are the rxns catalyzed by al...,
What is oxidative deamination in ...
42  cards
Final: Co-factors, Mnemonics, etc. (Ben)
What prosthetic grp do aminotrans...,
What is the co factor for glu deh...,
What is the coenyzme for serine a...
28  cards
Final: Rate-Limiting/Regulatory/Important Steps (Ben)
What is the rate limiting step of...,
What is the committed step in de ...,
How is ribose 5 p activated and h...
14  cards
Final: Purine Metabolism (Ben)
Which molecules contribute to the...,
What is the origin of the ribose ...,
What is the committed step in de ...
20  cards
Final: Pyrimidines + Deoxynucleotides (Ben)
What are the 3 important pyrimidi...,
For the basic ring structure of a...,
What activated ribose molecule al...
22  cards
Final: Heme + Iron Metabolism (Ben)
What is heme composed of 2 main i...,
Describe the structure of protopo...,
Describe the structures of myoglo...
15  cards
Final: All structures (Ben/Lukas)
Acetic acid,
1 3 bpg
99  cards
Final: Sem. 1 Essentials, Oncogenes + Signal Trans (Incomplete, Ben)
What kind of bond do dna polymera...,
What are the pro eukaryotic dna p...,
What are the eukaryotic dna polym...
11  cards
Open Answers (Final)
What is the km difference between...,
3 ways to decrease blood choleste...,
Metabolic effects of lxr its func...
30  cards
Midterm 2 Open Answers
What kind of covalent bond is for...,
Which is the cofactor in the thro...,
Write down the substrates and pro...
32  cards
Some Test1.pdf Final Past Papers
Which enzyme is allosterically mo...,
Select the statements valid for t...,
Which statements are true 1 chole...
39  cards

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