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Need to remember
Capital terminologyassets equity ...,
Performance ratios their formulas...,
Financial position liquidity thei...
10  cards
Introduction to Companies
Recap of types of profit focussed...,
Accounting and the business entit...,
Company basicsa legal entity form...
30  cards
Regulatory framework for company financial statements
Regulation of company financial s...,
Where do these rules and regulati...,
Legislation companies act 2006wha...
15  cards
IAS 1 Presentation of financial statements – key formats
Ias1 presenting profit or lossias...,
Typical classification of expense...,
Statement of financial position
7  cards
Interpretation of financial statements
To make decisions and provide adv...,
Needs and objectives of users,
Benchmarks are neededcomparison a...
15  cards
Statement of Cash Flows
Profit and cash flowwhat are the ...,
Cash flow profitsome transactions...,
Cash flow profitsome transactions...
20  cards
Summary of Semester 2
Nature of a company a company is ...,
Share capitalordinary share capit...,
Preference share capital
7  cards
Accounting for Partnerships
Nature of a partnershipdefinition...,
Partnership agreementagreements t...,
Partnership agreement
20  cards
Semester 1 Exam
What is accounting,
3 types of business entity,
Matchingto calculate financial pe...
99  cards
Introduction to Financial Accounting
What is accounting,
3 types of business entity,
Matchingto calculate financial pe...
27  cards
Three main principles,
Dual effect principle and car sce...,
Separate entity concept
15  cards
Trial Balance
Balancing an accountadd up debits...,
The trial balancea list of dr and...,
Why could the trial balance not b...
4  cards
Accruals and Prepayments
Accounting adjustments,
What is the iasb framework,
Key accounting assumptions accrua...
16  cards
Key Terms and concepts
Annual report,
Appropriation account
15  cards
Reading Notes
An entity s financial adaptabilit...,
2  cards
Bad and Doubtful debts
Bad debtsome customers may never ...,
Prudencewhat is prudence if a bus...,
Doubtful debts the accountant is ...
7  cards
Cost of sales and accounting for inventory
Adjustments needed as a result of...,
What is the double entry of an ac...,
Key accounting concept accruals t...
15  cards
Depreciation & non-current assets
Depreciationdefinition why do we ...,
Imagine farmer john writes a cheq...,
John uses the bank a c to buy a t...
10  cards
Introduction to VAT
Types of supply 3,
Main principles of vat 3,
Accounting for vat the double ent...
6  cards
Quiz 1
Capital expenditure is expenditure,
Information about an entity s fin...,
The accounting equation can be wr...
5  cards

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