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The impact of WWI
How was the war going for germany...,
What was the name of the humiliat...,
What happened in june 1918
34  cards
Left Wing Rebellions
Why did the new system of governm...,
Who was the leader of the new ger...,
Apart from the kaisers abdication...
31  cards
Right Wing Rebellions
What did right wing germans espec...,
What myth did the right promote,
How did the right refer to the po...
19  cards
The Weimar Constitution
What is a constitution,
What was the main difference betw...,
How often was the president elected
26  cards
Invasion of Ruhr
What was the root cause of the in...,
How was the annual reparation pay...,
How much did germany pay in 1921
13  cards
What directly caused hyperinflation,
What did hyperinflation do to the...,
Who did hyperinflation benefit
16  cards
The Munich Putsch
What is meant by putsch,
Why was 1923 a year of crisis for...,
What is the munich putsch also so...
19  cards
Economic Recovery under Stresemann
What did stresemann introduce to ...,
What did stresemann agree to begi...,
What did stresemann negotiate wit...
10  cards
Foreign Policy under Stresemann
What job did stresemann have for ...,
What is the job of the foreign mi...,
How was germany regarded by other...
20  cards
Culture under Stresemann
What existed under the kaiser,
Where did culture particularly fl...,
What did artists try and capture
20  cards
Birth of the Nazi Party
When was the german workers party...,
Who was the first leader of the g...,
When did hitler join the german w...
19  cards
Nazis in the wilderness (1924-29)
What did hitler write whilst in j...,
What key change did hitler make d...,
The nazis fought their first elec...
27  cards
The Impact of the Great Depression
Why did the great depression affe...,
Who had predicted the economic pr...,
Which two main parties gained fro...
19  cards
Nazi support grows (1929-33)
How many seats in the reichstag d...,
How many seats did the nazis win ...,
What did hitler run for in 1932
16  cards
Hitler becomes Chancellor
After the elections of july 1932 ...,
Who was the largest party in the ...,
After the july election of 1932 w...
16  cards
Reichstag Fire
How long after hitler came to pow...,
On what date did the reichstag fi...,
Who was found at the site of the ...
18  cards
The Enabling Act
Why could hitler not pass the ena...,
When did the vote for the enablin...,
Where did the vote for the enabli...
9  cards
The Night of the Long Knives
Who was ernst rohm,
Who was the leader of the sa,
Which organisation did not fully ...
22  cards
The Police State
What had the ss originally been e...,
What does ss stand for,
Who led the ss
38  cards
Censorship and Propaganda
Who was in charge of propaganda f...,
What was goebbels title,
What is the difference between ce...
23  cards
Case Study: The 1936 Olympics
Who convinced hitler to bid for t...,
Why did goebbels want the nazis t...,
What did some countries threaten ...
17  cards
How did the Nazis deal with Churches?
What word best summarises the naz...,
What did hitler sign with the cat...,
What did the 1933 concordat mean
31  cards
The persecution of minorities
Which race did the nazis believe ...,
Why did nazis believe homosexuals...,
Why were the mentally handicapped...
13  cards
Persecution of the Jews (1930s)
What is meant by anti semitism,
Was anti semitism new,
What are some historical examples...
10  cards
Kristallnacht 1938 (Night of the Broken Glass)
What triggered kristallnacht,
How did the nazis exploit the mur...,
What is kristallnacht also known as
18  cards
Why so little opposition?
Overall how much opposition did t...,
What small acts of opposition mig...,
What is the main reason historian...
15  cards
Education under the Nazis
What was the main aim of educatio...,
What might you learn about in his...,
What might you learn in biology
15  cards
The Hitler Youth
Who could join the hitler youth,
What group could girls join,
When could girls join the league ...
17  cards
Women in Nazi Germany
What did hitler believe about the...,
What did hitler mean by the natur...,
How did hitler want to use families
30  cards
Economic recovery under the Nazis
What key nazi policy helped reduc...,
Why did rearmament help reduce un...,
What was the national labour serv...
15  cards
Nazis and workers/working conditions
Why did hitler need the support o...,
What was the strength through joy...,
What does volkswagen translate to
15  cards
The Nazis and farming communities
Why did hitler pay particular att...,
What was the reich food estate,
Who did the reich food estate ben...
12  cards
Big business, the middle classes, Volksgemeinschaft
What were middle class people pri...,
What else did many middle classes...,
How much did the nazis benefit th...
15  cards
The impact of WWII on Germany and its economy
How did wwii affect women,
How was war greeted in germany,
What was introduced in the first ...
21  cards
How did WWII affect young people (including opposition)?
When was made compulsory in 1939,
Why were youth groups facing a pr...,
Why did the youth groups become l...
24  cards
Persecution of the Jews (during WWII)
When germany invaded poland in 19...,
What were ghettos like,
In ghettos how were the old and y...
19  cards
Consolidation of Power - Key Dates
When was hitler appointed chancellor,
What did hitler do as soon as he ...,
Who appointed hitler chancellor
26  cards

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