y - management accounting

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Introduction to Corporate Finance
It is concerned with the efficien...,
Two key concepts in corporate fin...,
Relationship between risk and ret...
4  cards
Corporation and Governance
What is a corporation,
Corporate governance,
Investment and financing decision...
8  cards
Capital Investment Decisions: Appraisal Methods
Capital investment decisions what...,
Opportunity cost of an investment,
Capital investment appraisal tech...
11  cards
Long-term and Short-term Financing Sources
1 long term finance sources equit...,
2 equity finance2 examples ordina...,
2 equity finance nominal value vs...
21  cards
Short-term finance: Working capital management
1 working capital management what...,
1 working capital managementwhat ...,
1 working capital management what...
9  cards
Cost of Capital & Dividend Policy
Capitalwhat is it used to refer t...,
Cost of capital the investors do ...,
Cost of capital is made up of 3 2
22  cards
Performance Measurement
It is critical that organisations...,
1 financial measures of performan...,
2 non financial measures of perfo...
8  cards
Semester 1 Exam
Cost unit definition,
Cost centre definition,
What is the difference between di...
95  cards
Introduction to Management Accounting
The american accounting associati...,
The users of accounting informati...,
What s the difference between fin...
9  cards
Cost Terms and concepts
Cost unit definition,
Cost object definition,
Cost centre definition
29  cards
Types of expenses
Type of expenses diagram,
Graph of fixed and variable costs,
Separating fixed and variable costs
11  cards
Costing including marginal and absorption costing
Methods of costing 2,
Under or over absorption of overh...,
Oar issues budgeted overheadsther...
17  cards
Budgets and flexed budgets
Budgets serve several purposes 6,
Developing budgetsdifferent organ...,
Stages in the budgeting process
16  cards
CVP Analysis, Limiting Factors and Budgeting
Break even analysis in marginal c...,
Break even analysis or cvp analys...,
Margin of safetythis is it can be...
8  cards
Standard costing and variance analysis
Reconciliation statementswhat are...,
Fixed costs marginal costingwhat ...,
Fixed costs absorption costingwha...
6  cards
Key Terms and concepts
Financial accounting reports desc...
1  cards
Understanding Management Accounting
Unless you know the cost of somet...,
What is a variable cost,
Machine power costs would normall...
7  cards
Quiz 2
Which of the following is an exam...,
Which of the following costs is a...,
Which of the following costs is a...
6  cards
Differences between Managerial and Financial Accounting
Primary users,
Time dimension
6  cards

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