y2: psychology: clinical

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What is Abnormality?
Define abnormality,
Give 2 examples of abnormality an...,
Why is it hard to define abnormality
7  cards
The Four Ds
Define deviant,
Give 2 examples of deviant behaviour,
Why cant a genius be classed as d...
19  cards
HCPC Guidelines
What does hcpc stand for,
Why do these legal regulations exist,
How often does a psychologist nee...
8  cards
Diagnosis Classification: DSM-IV
What does dsm stand for,
Who are the authors of the dsm,
How many versions of the dsm have...
31  cards
Diagnosis Classification: ICD-10
What does icd stand for,
Who are the authors of the icd,
How many versions of the icd have...
16  cards
DSM-IV and ICD-10 Rel and Val
Define reliability in terms of di...,
List the 2 different types of rel...,
Define inter rater reliability in...
26  cards
Classic Study: Rosenhan (1973)
What were the aims of rosenhans f...,
Who were used in the sample of th...,
What type of method was used in t...
21  cards
Cultural Factors Affecting Diagnosis
Define culture,
Define cross culture,
Give an example of cross cultures
26  cards
Methodology: Primary and Secondary Data
Define primary data,
Give an example of where primary ...,
Define secondary data
10  cards
Methodology: Longitudinal Studies
Define longitudinal studies,
What are longitudinal studies mos...,
Give 2 examples of how longitudin...
8  cards
Methodology: Cross-Sectional Studies
Define cross sectional studies,
What are cross sectional studies ...,
Give 2 examples of how cross sect...
7  cards
Methodology: Cross-Cultural Studies
Define culture,
Define cross cultural studies,
What are cross cultural studies m...
11  cards
Methodology: Content Analysis
Define content analysis,
What is the difference between co...,
What is data that has already bee...
15  cards
What was the aim of our practical,
What are the variables of our pra...,
State the fully operationalised a...
18  cards
Schizophrenia: Features and Symptoms
What is schizophrenia,
What is a feature,
What are 5 features of schizophrenia
9  cards
Schizophrenia: The Dopamine Hypothesis
Define neurons,
Define neurotransmitter,
How does neurotransmitter relate ...
16  cards
Schizophrenia: Contemporary Study (Carlsson et al 1999)
What were the aims of this contem...,
Define glutamate,
What was used in the sample
15  cards
Schizophrenia: The Neurodevelopmental Hypothesis
Why do we look at brain structure...,
What did crow 1985 conclude about...,
List the 3 elements of brain stru...
22  cards
Schizophrenia: Biological Treatment - Drug Therapy
Why would drug therapy be suggest...,
What type of drugs are used to tr...,
What type of antipsychotics are u...
19  cards
Schizophrenia: The Social Causation Hypothesis
Describe what the social causatio...,
State 5 potential factors that ma...,
What is the justification for eth...
17  cards
Schizophrenia: Social Treatments - Assertive Community Therapy
What social theory explains a cau...,
What does the social theory say a...,
Who is this therapy mostly used by
12  cards
Schizophrenia: Developmental Issues with Biochemical Explaination
What is developmental psychology,
What are the two biological expla...,
How can brain structure affect de...
9  cards
Schizophrenia: Key Question
What is the key question,
What is schizophrenia,
What are the two types of symptom...
23  cards
Anorexia: Features and Symptoms
What is anorexia nervosa,
What is a feature,
What are 5 features of anorexia
13  cards
Anorexia: Contemporary Study (Guardia 2012)
What were the aims of this study,
Who were used in the sample,
What participant design was used
14  cards
Anorexia: Biological Explanation - Genetics
What is a gene,
What is a genome,
How many pairs of chromosomes do ...
27  cards
Anorexia: Biological Treatment - Drug Treatments
Why would drug therapy be suggest...,
Who publish guidelines for treati...,
What did nice suggest about treat...
19  cards
Methodology: Case Studies and Luk and Agoha (2014)
Why are case studies conducted,
Define idiographic,
Define nomothetic
18  cards
Anorexia: Socio-Cultural Explanation
What is the socio cultural explan...,
How does the socio cultural expla...,
Identify 3 main areas that the so...
11  cards
Anorexia: Social Treatments - Token Economy
Which learning theory does token ...,
Define positive reinforcement,
Define negative reinforcement
23  cards

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