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Abdominal Examination
Vivaname five causes of abdominal...,
Vivawhat clinical examination fea...,
Vivain what circumstances might y...
151  cards
Acute Care Station
Oxygen therapy 2 situations that ...,
Fluid challenge,
Sepsis six
5  cards
Breast Examination
What are dcis and lcis,
What is paget s disease of the br...,
What are the benign differentials...
17  cards
Cardiovascular Examination
Causes of a raised jvp pqrst,
Vivawhat are the causes of aortic...,
Vivawhat are the causes of aortic...
117  cards
Cranial Nerve Examination
What is the difference between a ...,
Discuss how you would clinically ...,
Please list three causes of a uni...
83  cards
Diabetes and Endocrinology Station
What pathological conditions are ...,
Please state 5 clinical signs lin...,
How do thyroglossal cysts form
39  cards
History Taking (Presentations)
0  cards
Materials of absorbable sutures,
Indications for absorbable sutures
125  cards
Ng tube position checklist,
152  cards
MSK - Elbow Examination
Vivawhat is golfers elbow,
What is tennis elbow,
Vivawhat are some differentials o...
15  cards
MSK - Foot and Ankle Examination
Vivawhat is a foot drop and what ...,
Vivayou review a patient with an ...,
Vivawhat is plantar fasciitis and...
14  cards
MSK - GALS Screen + Spine
What are the extra articular feat...,
You examine a patient with a posi...,
Which neurological features would...
25  cards
MSK - Hand Examination
70  cards
MSK - Hip Examination
Vivawhat is trochanteric bursitis...,
Vivalist some causes of hip pain ...,
Vivahow would you classify hip ne...
12  cards
MSK - Knee Examination
Vivaplease list some causes of a ...,
Varus vs valgus force,
Vivathe unhappy triad also known ...
50  cards
MSK - Shoulder Examination
Vivaa patient presents with a win...,
Vivawhat are the four rotator cuf...,
Vivaplease discuss the management...
17  cards
Respiratory Examination
Vivaplease list some causes of up...,
Vivahow would you clinically diff...,
Vivawhat is the difference betwee...
78  cards
Spot diagnosis (Images)
15  cards
Upper/Lower Limb Neurological Examination
What are the different types of g...,
List 3 causes of a bilateral uppe...,
What would be your differential d...
126  cards
Vascular Examination
Vivahow would you investigate a p...,
Vivaname five risk factors for ve...,
Vivawhat is virchow s triad
50  cards
General Examination Tips
Cardiovascular examination releva...,
Respiratory examination relevant ...,
Abdominal examination relevant ne...
7  cards

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