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Microbiology - Intro
Name the 5 types of pathogenic mi...,
What are the 7 common specimen ty...,
Whi is mid stream urine sampled
19  cards
Bacteria - Intro
What 4 characteristics are used t...,
What shape are cocci,
What shape are bacilli
15  cards
Fungi - Intro
What are the 3 main divisions of ...,
What kinds of fungi are basidiomy...,
What kinds of fungi are in ascomy...
16  cards
Define parasite,
What are the 3 main types of para...,
What is a protozoa
29  cards
Viruses - Intro
How are virus families classified,
What is a virion,
What part of the virus replicatio...
31  cards
Pathogens - Intro
Define pathogen,
Define a commensal,
Define pathogenicity
16  cards
Acute Inflammation
What 6 things cause acute inflamm...,
What are the cardinal signs of in...,
Aetiology of acute inflammation
21  cards
Gram Positive Bacteria
What makes a gram positive bacter...,
Why is gram staining useful,
What are the 3 types of gram ve c...
29  cards
Gram Negative Bacteria
What are the 2 main types of aero...,
What are the two main sub types o...,
What does neisseria meningitidis ...
43  cards
Misc. Bacteria
This deck includes bacteria that ...,
How are mycobacterium identified,
Whats the main example of a mycob...
13  cards
Vaccines (Princ. immunisation)
How is active immunity produced,
Whats the difference between the ...,
Name the 5 types of vaccine that ...
34  cards
Acute inflammation 2
What is the suffix for inflammaiton,
Whats inflammation of lungs called,
Whats inflammation of the pluera ...
54  cards
Hypersensitivity & Autoimmunity
Define hypersensitivity,
Which types of hypersensitivity a...,
What causes type iv hypersensitivity
42  cards
Tumor Pathology
Whats another name for a tumor,
Define a tumour,
What are the main forms of cancer...
31  cards
Tumour Pathology 2
What are the 4 properties of canc...,
Explain the altered genetics of c...,
Explain the altered cellular func...
23  cards
Chronic Inflammation
What are the 4 main cell types in...,
When does chronic inflammation ar...,
When does chronic inflammation ar...
42  cards
What are the 4 functions of the l...,
Why does the lymphatic system nee...,
Why does the lymp system need to ...
40  cards
Tumour Pathology 3
What are the effects of benign tu...,
What are the effects of malignant...,
How do malignant tumors cause pain
14  cards
Complex (non-mendelian) inheritance
What is penetrance,
What is incomplete penetrance,
Define precision personalised med...
17  cards
Chromosomal Abnormalities
What is trisomy,
What is monosomy,
What is triploidy heteroploidy
36  cards
Genetic Cancer Predisposition
What kind of cancer does germline...,
What 3 types of genes are involve...,
What is a proto oncogene
33  cards
Drug Absorbtion 1
Define pharmaceutical process,
What is it called getting the dru...,
What is the pharmacodynamic process
43  cards
Drug Distribution
Define drug distribution,
What effects tissue distribution ...,
What type of membrane characteris...
14  cards
Drug Metabolism
Define drug metabolism,
4 main sites of drug metabolism,
What is a prodrug
39  cards
Drug Delivery
What characteristics of the patie...,
What 5 things are to be considere...,
Where are oral meds absorbed into...
49  cards
Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)
Define an adverse drug reaction,
What are the 3 criteria of an adv...,
How many inpatients suffer adrs
52  cards
Therapeutic Options for CANCER
Buckle your seatbelts motherfucke...,
What are the two options for deal...,
What 5 areas are used to stop one...
44  cards
Outline of Disease Process CANCER
What does cancers are mostly mono...,
Whats different about cancer cells,
What are the 5 steps of carcinoge...
30  cards
Whats it called when the primary ...,
Whats it called when tumour cells...,
What ahppens if chemo isnt delive...
41  cards
Estimating Risk of inherited Genetic Disease
Define fitness,
What do you call a mutant allele ...,
What do you call a helpful mutant...
16  cards
Usin Genetics & storing it
Whats the difference between 2 de...
35  cards
AM - Side effects/toxicity
What antimicrobial type most comm...,
How common is penicillin hypersen...,
Are penicillin alleric patients a...
42  cards
AM - Principles of clinical use
How do we reduce risk of growing ...,
What patient characteristics must...,
Why consider age when choosing an am
16  cards
AM - Antibiotic Resistance
What are the 4 types of antibioti...,
How do b lactamases work,
Whats the worst type of b lacatamase
23  cards
AM - Antibiotic Action
What are the 3 ways antibiotics act,
Example of antibiotics that inhib...,
Example of antibiotics that inhib...
39  cards
Drug Interactions
Define the object drug,
Define the precipitant,
Give a case of a drug interaction...
23  cards
Tumour Pathology 4
What is the cell cycle,
4 phases of the cell cycle,
What external factors are involve...
27  cards
Tumour Pathology 5
What do tumour supressor genes no...,
What do proto oncogenes do,
How does the rb gene ve regulate ...
20  cards
Chromosome Structure
Types of chromatin,
Arms of a chromosome,
Wheres heterochromatin found in a...
19  cards
Post-Mortem Changes
Define death,
Really define death,
What do we use to meaure time aft...
12  cards
Inflammatory Mediators:
What is arachadonic acid derived ...,
What is a metabolite of arachadon...,
Where is leukotriene made
23  cards
Christmas Exam bits & pieces
Define a tumour,
What is the prefix for glandular ...,
What do we call epithelial malign...
142  cards
AM revision
What mediates drug allergies,
Symptoms of immediate hypersensit...,
Symptoms of delayed hypersensitivity
47  cards
What drug categories affect cell ...,
What drug categories affect nucle...,
What drug categories affect prote...
13  cards
How do most anti herpes drugs work,
What anti herpes drugs arnt nucle...,
Name all the anti herpes nucleosi...
50  cards
What are the 3 main categories of...,
What are the glucanpolysaccharide...,
What are the categories of ergost...
40  cards
How are protons arranged in an mri,
What happens when radiofrequency ...,
How does an mri produce an image
9  cards

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