year 10 triple gcse aqa biology

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B1. Cells and Movement of substances
How do you calculate total magnif...,
Define the term resolution,
What is the function of the nucleus
44  cards
B2. Cell division and Stem Cells
Why do cells divide by mitosis,
What are the 3 stages of the cell...,
What happens during interphase
20  cards
B3. Food Nutrients and Enzymes
What is the name of the chemicals...,
What are the 3 types of carbohydrate,
What is the function of sugar car...
35  cards
B4. Blood, blood vessels and the heart
What is the structure of blood pl...,
What is the function of blood plasma,
What is the structure of red bloo...
31  cards
B4. Plant transport
What is transpiration,
What is translocation,
What is the function of xylem
28  cards
B5. Communicable Diseases
What is a communicable disease,
Define health,
What is a pathogen
20  cards
B5. TRIPLE ONLY. Plant communicable diseases
How can plant communicable diseas...,
How could you detect that a plant...,
How could someone diagnose a plan...
8  cards
B6. Preventing and treating diseases COPY
What are antibiotics,
What are antibiotics,
Can antibiotics kill viruses
36  cards
B7. Non-communicable diseases
What is a non communicable disease,
Name 3 examples of non communicab...,
What is cancer
21  cards
B8. Photosynthesis
What is the word equation for pho...,
What type of reaction is photosyn...,
What is the energy transfer in ph...
32  cards
B9. Respiration
What is respiration,
What is the site of respiration,
What type of reaction is respiration
22  cards

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year 10 triple gcse aqa biology

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