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What are the modifiable risk fact...,
What are the unmodifiable risk fa...,
What clinical features are presen...
29  cards
Drug Formulation and design
What is pharmacodynamics,
What is pharmaceutics,
What is pharmacokinetics
28  cards
Glaucoma Drugs
What groups of drugs are used to ...,
What are miotics also known as,
How do miotics reduce iop
63  cards
Stains and Artificial Tears
What is fluorescein available as ...,
What are the indications for usin...,
Why should a wratten 12 filter be...
29  cards
What does the medicines act 1968 ...,
What are gsl medicines,
What do gsl medicines treat give ...
40  cards
Gene therapy
What is the aim of gene therapy,
How does the replacement gene get...,
What is an example of a vector se...
21  cards
What are the symptoms of cataracts,
What are the types of age related...,
What are the types of traumatic c...
14  cards
What is the classic triad of glau...,
The production of aqueous humour ...,
Alpha receptors aqueous production
5  cards
Type 1 diabetes is also known as,
Type 2 diabetes is also known as,
What pharmacological treatments a...
23  cards
Hypertensive retinopathy
What is classed as a normal blood...,
What is classed as high blood pre...,
What are the risk factors for hyp...
18  cards
Principles of drug action
What are the properties of the id...,
What does chemical stability mean,
What can make a drug easier to ad...
20  cards
Autonomic pharmacology
Where do the ps fibres originate ...,
Which nerves innervate the iris s...,
Where do
25  cards
What is the purpose of mydriatics,
What can the effectiveness of myd...,
What are the mechanisms of mydria...
13  cards
What is the mechanism of cyclople...,
What s the dose for tropicamide,
What s the dose for cyclopentolate
16  cards
What is pilocarpine used for,
What is pilocarpine s mechanism o...,
What are other miotic mechanisms ...
5  cards
Anti infectives
What is the difference between an...,
How do bacterial spores form,
How can anti bacterial resistance...
77  cards
Local Anaesthetics
What is the order of blockade whi...,
What is the mechanism of action f...,
What is the basic structure of a ...
13  cards
CL Solutions
What are prions,
Give an example of a disease whic...,
What is a disadvantage of dry sto...
18  cards
Anti-inflammatory and Anti-allergy drugs
What are the inflammatory stages,
What part of the inflammatory sta...,
What reaction does prostaglandin ...
39  cards
Ocular side effects of Systemic medications
What are the factors that contrib...,
What are the types of anti depres...,
Give an example of a trycycline
30  cards

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