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Sulfonamides & Trimethoprim
Pharmacologic class, MoA, Clinical use, Special considerations, Adverse effects
13  cards
Fluoroquinolones moa,
Topoisomerase ii primary bacteria...
14  cards
Nitrofurantoin, Daptomycin, Polymyxin B, Rifaximin
Nitrofurantoin pharmacologic class,
Nitrofurantoin moa,
Nitrofurantoin clinical use
24  cards
Inhibitors of Bacterial Cell Wall Synthesis
Gram negative membrane,
Cell wall protects the bacteria from,
Antibiotics secreted in bile
78  cards
Inhibitors of Bacterial Protein Synthesis
Aminoglycosides adverse effects,
Aminoglycosides tendency to cause...
47  cards
Antimycobacterial Drugs
Nicotinic acid derivative isonico...,
Isoniazid moa,
Isoniazid clinical use
43  cards
Nucleoside analogues,
Nucleoside analogues moa,
Acyclovir famciclovir and valacyc...
75  cards
Antiparasitic drugs
Metronidazole moa,
Metronidazole clinical use,
Metronidazole and tinidazole cont...
70  cards
Antiparasitic drugs (Most important)
Metronidazole classification,
Metronidazole moa,
Metronidazole clinical use
42  cards
Antifungal Drugs
Polyene antibiotics,
Polyene antibiotics moa,
Amphotericin b clinical use
51  cards
Autacoid Drugs
Histamine h1 receptor antagonists...,
Histamine h1 receptor antagonists...,
Histamine h1 receptor antagonists...
88  cards
Headache disorders
Drugs for migraine prevention,
Valproate adverse effects,
Fluoxetine moa
34  cards
Vasoactive peptides (Katzung)
Renin release blockers,
Renin release blockers effects,
Renin release blockers clinical use
100  cards
NSAIDs and Gout
Nsaids moa,
Nsaids clinical use,
Nsaids contraindications
71  cards
DMARDs, Immunomodulators, Immunosuppressors
Dmards clinical use,
Gold salts,
Gold salts moa
84  cards
Hypothalamic and Pituitary Drugs
Corticotropin acth moa,
Corticotropin preparations,
Cosyntropin classification
81  cards
Nsaids moa,
Nsaids clinical use,
Nsaids contraindications
47  cards
Uricosuric drugs,
Uricosuric drugs clinical use,
Probenecid moa
27  cards
1st Generation H1 antihistamine
Histamine h1 receptor antagonists...,
Histamine h1 receptor antagonists...,
Histamine h1 receptor antagonists...
14  cards
Thyroid Drugs
Thyroid hormone preparations,
Thyroid hormone preparations moa,
Thyroid hormone preparations cont...
35  cards
Calcium and Bone Drugs
Calcium supplements,
Calcium supplements moa,
Calcium supplements clinical use
55  cards
DMARDs and Immunomodulators
Dmards clinical use,
Prednisone moa
59  cards
Immunosuppressants +
49  cards
Adrenal Steroids and Related Drugs
Glucocorticoids moa,
Glucocorticoids clinical use,
Glucocorticoids special considera...
22  cards
Adrenal Steroids 2
Betamethasone moa,
Betamethasone clinical use,
Betamethasone special considerations
50  cards
Drugs for Diabetes Mellitus 1
Insulin preparations moa,
Insulin preparations clinical use,
Insulin preparations administration
40  cards
Diabetes mellitus 2
Biguanide antidiabetic drugs,
Metformin moa,
Metformin clinical use
56  cards
Drugs affecting fertility and reproduction 1
Estrogens moa,
Estrogens clinical use,
Estrogens contraindications and s...
46  cards
Antineoplastic drugs
Dna synthesis inhibitors,
Methotrexate clinical use,
Mercaptopurine clinical use
35  cards
Peripheral Neuropharmacology and Acetycholine Agonists
Muscarinic receptors moa,
Which muscarinic receptors are co...,
Which muscarinic receptors are co...
67  cards
Acetylcholine Receptor Antagonists
Muscarinic receptor antagonists moa,
Muscarinic receptor antagonists e...,
Muscarinic receptor antagonists i...
45  cards
Sympathetic Neurotransmission and Adrenoceptor Agonists
Alpha1 adrenoceptor moa and location,
Alpha1 adrenoceptor effect,
Alpha2 adrenoceptor moa and location
74  cards
Adrenoceptor Antagonists
Peripheral vascular resistance ef...,
Cardiac output effects of alpha1 ...,
Mean arterial bp effects of alpha...
40  cards
Antithrombotic and Thrombolytic drugs
Warfarin moa,
Warfarin indication and goal of t...,
Warfarin adverse effects and cont...
66  cards
Hematopoietic Drugs
Minerals moa,
Ferrous sulfate ferrous gluconate...
28  cards
Antihypertensive Drugs
Major groups of antihypertensive ...,
Thiazide and related diuretics moa,
Thiazide and related diuretics ad...
69  cards
Antianginal Drugs
Organic nitrites and nitrates,
Organic nitrites and nitrates moa,
Organic nitrites and nitrates adv...
36  cards
Drugs for Heart Failure
Positively inotropic drugs,
Positively inotropic drugs moa,
Digoxin moa
42  cards
Thiazide and related diuretics,
Thiazide and related diuretics moa,
Thiazide and related diuretic cli...
43  cards
Drugs for Cardiac Dysrhythmia
Sodium channel blockers moa,
Class i sodium channel blockers m...,
Class ia drugs moa
65  cards
Drugs for Hyperlipidemia
Statinshmg coa reductase inhibitos,
Statins moa,
Statins clinical use
46  cards
Drugs for Respiratory Tract
Antiinflammatory drugs,
Corticosteroids moa,
Corticosteroids clinical use
35  cards
Sedative-Hypnotic and Anxiolytic drugs
Benzodiazepines moa,
Benzodiazepines clinical use
65  cards
Antiepileptic Drugs
Drugs for partial and generalized...,
Carbamazepine oxacarbazepine and ...,
Carbamazepine clinical use
76  cards
Local and General Anesthetics
Local anesthetics moa,
Local anesthetics indication,
Why does ester type local anesthe...
63  cards
Drugs for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Drugs that increase dopamine levels,
Levodopa moa,
Levodopa indication
97  cards
Psychotherapeutic Drugs
Antipsychotic agents moa,
Antipsychotic agents clinical use,
Antipsychotic agents adverse effects
103  cards
Opiod Analgesics and Antagonists
Opioids moa,
Opioid agonists effects,
Opioids adverse effects
56  cards
Prescription - Autonomic Nervous System
Cataract surgery and coronary ang...,
Neurogenic urinary retentionneuro...,
Miosis before ophthalmic surgery
40  cards
Prescription - Cardiovascular Drugs
Hypertensive emergencies,
Hypertension in pregnancy
50  cards
Prescription - Respiratory Tract Drugs
Acute bronchospasm in asthmapreve...,
Prevent asthma attacks,
Allergic aspirin sensitive and ex...
7  cards
Prescription - Blood Disorders
Acute iron poisoning
32  cards
Prescription - CNS
Anxiety and panic disorders,
Anxiety and alcohol detoxification,
50  cards
Prescription - First line antibiotics
Moraxella catarrhalis,
Neisseria gonorrhoeae,
Neisseria meningitides
44  cards
Prescription - 1st semester
1st generation histamine for pre ...,
Intranasal antihistamine for alle...,
Partial serotonin agonist that ac...
68  cards

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