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Acute Care and Trauma
Define ards,
What is a pulmonary infiltrate,
Recall the characteristics of ards
41  cards
Blood test normal ranges
What is the normal range for rbc ...,
What is the normal range for wbc,
What is the normal range for hb
35  cards
Recall the aetiology of benign br...,
Recall the symptoms of benign bre...,
Recall the 6 types of benign brea...
17  cards
What type of cancer is most commo...,
Recall 3 risk factors for bladder...,
Recall a key epidemiological fact...
93  cards
Define the diagnostic criteria fo...,
Recall 3 groups of risk factors f...,
Where is pain felt in a ruptured aaa
217  cards
What is rodent ulcer another name...,
What are the 2 risk factors to re...,
Where do basal cell carcinomas te...
63  cards
Ear, nose and throat
What does bppv stand for,
Define bppv,
What is the aetiology of bppv
13  cards
Recall some symptoms of acromegaly,
Describe the skin of an acromegal...,
In which endocrinological conditi...
114  cards
What is achalasia,
Recall the pathophysiology of ach...,
Recall the symptoms of achalasia
238  cards
Differentiate the causes of megal...,
Recall the 2 key symptoms and the...,
Recall 3 signs of pernicious anae...
130  cards
What are the 2 main types of abscess,
What sort of investigation should...,
What is the most common form of c...
40  cards
Mental Health
What are the diagnostic criteria ...,
Describe the routine blood test r...,
For how long must symptoms of anx...
7  cards
Define amyloidosis,
Recall the subtypes of amyloidosis,
Which are the main 2 organs affec...
101  cards
Define bells palsy,
What is the most common cause of ...,
Describe the onset of bells palsy
108  cards
Recall 2 risk factors for cataracts,
What may cause worsening of visio...,
What element of eyesight might ca...
17  cards
Renal and Urology
Recall 3 pre renal causes of aki,
How does hypovolaemia cause aki,
Give 2 intrinsic renal causes of aki
52  cards
Recall the 3 different clinical p...,
What is aspergilloma,
In which demographic is abpa most...
76  cards

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