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Clinical Skills
Recording bp on a news chart
256  cards
Block 32 Week 1
Differentials for retrosternal ch...,
72  cards
Block 32 Week 2
Appendicular skeleton,
Axial skeleton,
The skeleton is the most common t...
247  cards
Block 32 Week 3&4
Paget s disease of the nipple,
Ductal vs lobular carcinomas,
Pvd lipodermatosclerosis
266  cards
Block 32 Week 4
False high blood glucose,
False low blood glucose,
Over estimation of cap blood gluc...
317  cards
Block 32 Week 5
Gastric cancer incidence,
Rf for gastric cancer,
Gastric cancer symptoms
274  cards
Block 32 Week 7&8
History of acute liver failure,
Fhx to ask abt in alf,
Rf for viral hepatitis
291  cards
Block 31 Week 1
Investigations for chest pain,
History for chest pain that sugge...,
Mi rf
318  cards
Block 31 Week 2
What is angina,
Angina typically lasts,
People with angina secondary to c...
295  cards
Block 31 Week 3
Most common cause of palpitations,
Frequent ectopics in 55 yrs may i...,
Very frequent ectopics may cause
232  cards
Block 31 Week 4
Which ab can cause qt interval pr...,
What is the normal qt interval,
Causes of sinus bradycardia
266  cards
Block 31 Week 5
Spontanous pneumothorax,
Managemtn options of a pneumothorax
241  cards
Block 31 Week 6
Occupational and enviromental lun...,
Pollutants particulate matter,
Pollutants no2
238  cards
Block 31 Week 7
Cap causes,
Cfs of pneumonia,
Ix for pneumonia
216  cards
Block 31 Week 8
Alkylating agents,
Modifying agents of the tertiary ...
244  cards
Block 31 Pharmacology
Thiazide diuretics egs,
Use of thiazide diuretics,
How do thiazide diuretics work
261  cards
Block 31 PPT
Offer antihypertensive drug tx to...,
Assessment of htn offer,
Drug classes for htn
205  cards
Block 31 H&S
Nhs long term plan,
Nhs ltp af,
Nhs ltp hypertension
222  cards
Block 32 H&S
Rf for ugib,
Role of the gp in prevention of a...,
Effects of a stoma on body image
411  cards
Block 32 PPT
Gi bleed with melaena,
Investigation for a gi bleed w me...,
Management of an ulcer
200  cards
Block 33 Week 1
Anxiety and Depression
254  cards
Block 33 Week 2
Ect s effect in na,
Ect s effect on beta receptors ch...,
Acute impact of ect on serotonin
283  cards
Block 33 H&S
How many elements are there to ne...,
Negligence duty of,
Negligence breach
554  cards
block 33 week 3
Dopamine s effect on eating,
Cognitive theory of ed
201  cards
Block 33 Week 4
What does the sural nerve supply,
What does the lateral femoral cut...,
What does the superficial fibular...
241  cards
Block 33 Week 5
Common law principles which may b...,
Common law allows,
Principles of common law
281  cards
Block 33 Week 6
How does e coli lead to watery di...,
Vitamin b6 deficiency,
Vitamine b1 deficient
243  cards
Block 33 Pharmacology
Benzodiazepines drug examples,
Ssri drug examples,
What are the indications for benzos
149  cards
Block 33 Week 7
What is binge drinking,
What is harmful use of alcohol,
What is dependence syndrome
212  cards
Block 33 Week 8
Criteria for an intellectual disa...,
Abas 3 looks at,
What is not counted as an intelle...
235  cards
Block 33 H&S
Sources of funding for the nhs,
Entitlement to the nhs,
Regulation of the nhs
251  cards
Block 34 Week 1
Functions of the kidney homeostasis,
Kidney functions synthesis of,
Kidney functions excretion of
237  cards
Block 34 Week 2
Advantages of renal transplantation,
Of transplantation renal clearance,
Disadvantages of renal transplant...
224  cards
block 34 week 3
What is diabetes,
Incidence of diabetes,
Types of diabetes
270  cards
Block 34 Week 4
Measuring w t1,
Self monitoring w t1,
Glucose aims w t1
286  cards
Block 33 PPT
Anxiety panic management step 1,
Step 2 in anxiety panic management,
Step 3 in anxiety management
334  cards
Block 32 Pharm
Antacids and alginates examples,
What are antacids and alginates u...,
Mag tricilate mechanism
190  cards
Block 34 Week 5
What is cushings caused by,
Causes of cushings,
Cushings disease
252  cards
Block 34 Week 6
Signs and symptoms of anemia,
Vegan diet,
279  cards
Block 34 H&S
Who manages the blood transfusion...,
Nhsbts role,
Blood donation centers
384  cards
Block 34 Week 8
Incidence of renal stones,
Presentation of renal stones,
Ix of renal stones
345  cards
Block 34 Week 7
Neutropenic sepis,
Ix for ns,
Cultures for ns
262  cards
Block 34 PPT
Aki actions,
Damn aki,
Drugs requiring dose reduction or...
319  cards
Block 34 Pharm
Anti proliferative agents,
Calcaneurin inhibitors,
Drugs used in transplant immunosu...
381  cards
Block 32 Week 8
Acute pancreatitis,
Most common cause of acute panc,
I get smashed
287  cards

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