year 4 cancer care

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General Oncology
Top 10 cancers in the uk,
Most common causes of death from ...,
What is aflatoxin and what cancer...
47  cards
Management Principles Of Cancer
With regard to cancer treatment w...,
With regard to cancer treatment w...,
With regard to cancer treatment w...
67  cards
Onco Emergenices (Secondary To Cancer)
What cancers can result in compli...,
How does bowel obstruction present,
Investigations for bowel obstruction
156  cards
Management complications (Secondary To Treatment)
What is neutropenic sepsis,
When does neutropenic sepsis occur,
What to ask in history of a pt wi...
88  cards
Palliative care And End Of Life
What are three parts of palliativ...,
What is palliative care,
What is palliative care
42  cards
Lung Cancer
How to classify lung cancers,
How is non small cell carcinoma f...,
Non small cell adenocarcinoma loc...
47  cards
Breast cancer
How do we name breast cancer,
Most common types of breast cance...,
What are the special types
33  cards
Repro Cancers
What type of cells epithelium mak...,
Age distribution of cervical cancer,
What cells make up cervical cancer
40  cards
Uro Can E
How can you class bladder cancer ...,
Epidiemiology of bladder cancer,
Prognosis of bladder cancer
72  cards
Abdo + Gastric Cancers
What are the red flag symptoms fo...,
What is the apc gene,
What is hnpcc gene
67  cards
Head And Neck Cancers
Epidemiology of head and neck cancer,
Describe the tumour subtypes you ...,
What are risk factors for h n cancer
24  cards
Skin Cancers
What are 3 examples of skin cancers,
What are 3 examples of skin cancers,
What is basal cell carcinoma bcc ...
60  cards
Bone Cancer
What are types of primary bone ma...,
Who gets osteosarcoma,
Where does osteosarcoma occur
26  cards
What is purpura what is bruising,
Describe petechiae,
What are ecchymoses
23  cards
Haem Malignancy- Lymphoma
What are lymphomas,
What are lymphomas,
What is hodgkin s lymphoma
37  cards
Haem Malignancy- Myeloma
What is myeloma,
What is myeloma,
What is monoclonal gammopathy of ...
39  cards
Haem Malignancy- Leukaemia
What are the four classifications...,
Describe the natural history of a...,
How does acute myeloid leukaemia ...
38  cards
Haem Malignancy: Myloproliferative Disorders And Myelodysplastic Disorders
What are myeloproliferative disor...,
What types of myeloproliferative ...,
Myeloproliferative disorders have...
34  cards
Anaemia + Complications
What is anaemia,
What is1 microcytic anaemia 2 nor...,
Cause of microcytic anaemia
91  cards
Blood Transfusion
What are the two main grouping sy...,
What are the two main grouping sy...,
Describe the abo grouping system1...
73  cards
Pain Management In Cancer
How to assess pain in cancer,
Epidemiology of pain in cancer pa...,
What do you need to include in yo...
55  cards
Causes of dic,
Pathophsiology of dic,
What are inv findings for dic
4  cards

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