year 4 cancer care and haem

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General Oncology Principles
What are the three broad classifi...,
What are tumour supressor genes,
What are proto oncogenes
39  cards
Oncological Emergencies
Define neutropenic sepsis,
Define febrile neutropenia,
Give four causes of neutropenic s...
72  cards
Systemic Cancer Management
Antimetabolites are a class of ch...,
Give three examples of antimetabo...,
Give four examples of anti tumour...
63  cards
Complication Management
Define nausea,
Define vomiting,
What are the four inputs to the v...
98  cards
Palliative Care
Define palliative care,
State four aims of palliative care,
Name the key points at which pall...
10  cards
End of Life
State 5 signs of the terminal phase,
What are the five priorities of care,
How should food and drink be mana...
19  cards
Thoracic Cancers
Lung cancer is the second most co...,
Discuss screening and prevention ...,
Describe the histological subtype...
85  cards
Colorectal Cancer
What is the most common site of c...,
Where does colorectal cancer most...,
Give three syndromes associated w...
29  cards
Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is an androgen de...,
Describe the typical histology of...,
Describe a low histological grade...
51  cards
Head and Neck Cancers
Describe the typical age distribu...,
Smoking and alcohol consumption a...,
Name three dietary risk factors f...
55  cards
Skin Cancer
Describe the distribution of mela...,
Why might melanomas be found late...,
Name two non cancerous melanocyte...
58  cards
Define multiple myeloma,
The pathophysiology of multiple m...,
What does mgus stand for
153  cards
Blood Transfusions
What is the transfusion threshold...,
How is packed red cells stored an...,
What is unique about platelets
29  cards
Bleeding Disorders
What is characteristic of prolong...,
What is characteristic of,
What is characteristic of prolong...
18  cards
Clotting Disorders
What is factor v leiden,
What is the inheritance of factor...,
What is the management of factor ...
14  cards
What is aplastic anaemia,
Name three causes of aplastic ana...,
Name two other features of fancon...
50  cards

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year 4 cancer care and haem

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