year 5: chemical pathology pm (copy)

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ChemPath: Calcium Metabolism
Review calcium metabolism and homeostasis, recognising the importance of a fixed calcium level on nerve and muscle function. Common calcium disorders Hypercalcaemia Hypocalcaemia Common metabolic bone disorders Osteporosis Osteomalacia / Rickets Pagets To understand the effects of vitamin D and PTH Renal stones
52  cards
Calcium Part II
List some symptoms of hypercalcaemia,
What are the main causes of prima...,
Outline the serum biochemistry fe...
11  cards
ChemPath: Brief Lipid Update
What is the optimal medical thera...,
What is the statistical mortality...,
List some options for people with...
46  cards
ChemPath: Sodium and Fluid Balance
How is osmolarity calculated,
What is the normal range for seru...,
What is hyponatraemia caused by
41  cards
ChemPath: Potassium
What is the normal range for seru...,
What are the two main hormones in...,
Outline how the renin angiotensin...
19  cards
ChemPath: Pituitary
Why doesnt hypopituitarism cause ...,
Which hypothalamic hormones affec...,
How might pituitary failure prese...
26  cards
ChemPath: Diabetes Cases
What does compensation mean with ...,
Why do acidotic patients become u...,
State the equation for osmolality
13  cards
ChemPath: Adrenal Disease
What are the five layers of the a...,
What can cause adrenal glands to ...,
What can cause adrenal glands to ...
20  cards
ChemPath: Clinical Chemistry CPC
Describe the effect of hypokalaem...,
Describe the cardiac consequences...,
What is the difference between a ...
24  cards
ChemPath: Diabetes CPC
Define diabetes based on fasting ...,
List some causes of metabolic alk...,
Why is respiratory compensation f...
16  cards
ChemPath: Liver Disease
How may the causes of high biliru...,
Where is bilirubin conjugated,
How do you measure conjugated and...
42  cards
ChemPath: Assessment of Renal Function 1
What is glomerular filtrate,
What is normal gfr,
At what rate does age affect gfr
22  cards
ChemPath: Assessment of Renal Function 2
Aki vs ckd,
Define aki,
What are the three stages of aki
48  cards
ChemPath: Thyroid
What controls the uptake of iodin...,
Which channel,
Which enzyme converts iodide to i...
39  cards
ChemPath: Acid-Base Handling
What is the normal range for h co...,
What equation links h concentrati...,
What are the three main physiolog...
21  cards
ChemPath: Paediatric Clinical Chemistry
What is the average birthweight o...,
List some common problems in lbw ...,
What is necrotising enterocolitis
32  cards
ChemPath: Enzymes and Cardiac Markers
What are the twyo types of intrac...,
Describe the order of release of ...,
In which tissues is alp present i...
33  cards
ChemPath: Hypoglycaemia
Outline the first step in the man...,
What should be considered if a hy...,
What is the benefit of giving glu...
39  cards
ChemPath: Drug, Forensics and Toxicology
What sorts of deaths are reported...,
What sorts of case types are repo...,
What samples do coroners take
24  cards
ChemPath: LFTs and cases
List some functions of the liver,
Define intermediary metabolism,
List some examples of processes t...
55  cards
ChemPath: Nutrition
Which vitamins are fat solube,
State the manifestation of vitami...,
State the manifestation of vitami...
40  cards
ChemPath: Metabolic Screening and Disorders 1
Which database keeps track of all...,
What is the basic pathogenesis of...,
What are the main consequences of...
18  cards
ChemPath: Metabolic Disorders and Screening 2
What is the main role of the urea...,
What is the common underlying pat...,
How many enzymes in the urea cycle
38  cards
ChemPath: Lipoprotein metabolism, CVD and obesity
What are the features of an ather...,
What is the biggest plasma lipopr...,
During what time will chylomicron...
32  cards
ChemPath: Porphyrias
What is porphyria,
What are the two ways in which po...,
List some key features of haem
45  cards
ChemPath: Hyperuricaemia and Gout
What are purines,
What are the 3 important biologic...,
What is the prevalence of gout
35  cards
ChemPath: PUO
Defined criteria commonly accepte...,
Other categories of puo in durack...,
What are the causes of classic puo
25  cards

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