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Medicine 1
List the cardiac causes of clubbing,
What causes the four heart sounds,
What murmur is caused by aortic s...
50  cards
Medicine 2
What do the three letters in nami...,
What are biventricular pacemakers...,
List some complications of pacema...
50  cards
Medicine 3
What are the three main types of ...,
What are the main side effects of...,
What are the main side effects of...
50  cards
Medicine 4
What is internuclear ophthalmople...,
What is the difference between bu...,
What are the different types of m...
50  cards
Medicine 5
What are the main risks of radioi...,
What are the main risks of thyroi...,
List some causes of macroglossia
50  cards
Medicine 6
What are some key things that you...,
How is acromegaly investigated,
What are the treatments for acrom...
50  cards
Medicine 7
How is hrct different from volume...,
How is asthma defined on the basi...,
List some complications of bronch...
50  cards
Medicine 8
List some causes of palmar erythema,
List some causes of gynaecomastia,
List some clinical features of ha...
50  cards
Medicine 9
Outline the investigations that m...,
Outline the management options fo...,
Describe the pathway of the direc...
50  cards
Medicine 10
List some causes of a fixed dilat...,
List some causes of optic atrophy,
How can acute glaucoma be disting...
50  cards
Medicine 11
List some causes of bloody diarrhoea,
List the different types of laxat...,
Outline the management options fo...
53  cards
Surgery 1
List some different types of myoc...,
Which special test should you be ...,
List some complications of hernia...
50  cards
Surgery 2
What is the benefit of using an u...,
What are the clinical features of...,
Why does an anterior resection re...
50  cards
Surgery 3
Which special test can be done to...,
Describe the main physical charac...,
List some causes of splenomegaly
50  cards
Surgery 4
What are the advantages and disad...,
What might require a thoracoabdom...,
List some anatomical structures t...
50  cards
Surgery 5
What is enhanced recovery after s...,
Outline the management of menisca...,
Which changes in the skin give ri...
50  cards
Surgery 6
List some causes of jaundice afte...,
List some complications of joint ...,
What is a major issue with the us...
50  cards
Surgery 7
List two major complications of a...,
Describe perthes test,
What flow rate and percentage of ...
50  cards
Surgery 8
What are the benefits of hickman ...,
What are the features of leriche ...,
List some complications of turp
50  cards
Surgery 9
Which nerves may be damaged in a ...,
What is the difference between tr...,
List some causes of true leg shor...
50  cards
Surgery 10
List some aspects of assessing th...,
Which type of fluid should be use...,
What is the normal output you wou...
50  cards
Surgery 11
What are the centor criteria for ...,
What is the difference between me...,
List some reasons for enucleation...
53  cards

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