year 8 assessments

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Y8 History Key Terms
39  cards
Y8 German 1 | Ich stelle mich vor!
Ich hei e name und du,
Wie geht s
218  cards
Y8 German 2 | Mein Zuhause
Wo wohnst du,
Ich wohne in lage,
Er sie wohnt in lage
117  cards
Y8 German 3 | Meine Freizeit
Ich spiele,
Ich spiele gern,
Ich spiele nicht gern
99  cards
Y8 French 1 | Mon Quartier
Qu est ce qu il y a dans,
Il y a,
Il n y a pas
130  cards
Y8 French 2 | Le passé composé
Je joue au a la a l aux,
Je ne joue pas au a la a l aux,
Le football
210  cards
Y8 French 3 | En pleine forme
L ananas,
Le beurre,
Les carottes
198  cards
Year 8 Science | Acids and Alkalis
Recall the six signs of a chemica...,
What is a chemical reaction,
What is a physical change
44  cards
Year 8 Science | Breathing and Health
What is breathing,
What is ventilation,
What two structures change the pr...
38  cards
Year 8 Science | Digestion
Name the 7 food groups,
State 2 examples of food rich in ...,
What are the two types of carbohy...
39  cards
Year 8 Science | Human Reproduction
How are the physical changes whic...,
What causes puberty,
Do boys or girls hips widen durin...
24  cards
Year 8 Science | Metals and Non Metals
What are the typical properties o...,
Give 4 properties of non metals,
Metals are malleable what does th...
40  cards
Y8 Science | Photosynthesis
What is photosynthesis simple ver...,
What is photosynthesis detailed v...,
Name one use of glucose in plants
30  cards
Y8 Science | Respiration
What is respiration,
Where does aerobic respiration occur,
What is the name for respiration ...
16  cards
Y8 Science | The Universe
What objects can we see in the ni...,
What is a satellite,
What is the earth s natural satel...
27  cards
Y8 Science | Sound
Define wave,
What is a sound wave,
How are sounds made
40  cards
Y8 Science | Light
Define luminous,
How do we see,
Define reflect
38  cards
Y8 | Geography
The physical world,
The human world,
The environmental world
122  cards

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