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Standing prayer position,
Standing back bend,
Forward fold
37  cards
Yoga Philosophy
The gurukula system,
What is yoga,
What is the meaning of the word yoga
55  cards
The pranamaya kosha the vital ene...,
Pranic body which covers head and...,
Prana which covers from throat to...
28  cards
Anatomy Bones
Skeletal system is made up of,
The skeletal system functions are,
Bone structure is made up of five...
11  cards
Anatomy Muscles
What are muscles for,
How many muscles do we have and w...,
Muscles are made of 4 components ...
8  cards
Anatomy Respiratory
Main job of the respiratory system,
Why is nose breathing preferred,
From the nose inhaling o2 into th...
8  cards
Anatomy Reproduction
The 4 main male reproductive part...,
Testes produces,
Prostate glad produces
14  cards
Anatomy Circulatory
Blood transports,
White and red blood cells do what,
Hormones are essentially ______ t...
5  cards
Anatomy Digestive System
Saliva begins production when,
What are the first two parts of d...,
Food gets to the stomach how
13  cards
The word chakra means,
How many chakras are there,
Cleansing vs opening
11  cards
Anatomy Nervous System
What is the nervous system respon...,
The brain is made of _____ which ...,
What are the three main parts of ...
12  cards
Anatomy Immune System
The lymphatic system is made up o...,
What are lymph vessels and where ...,
Name two things produced by lymph...
12  cards
Anatomy Endocrine
What is the definition of a gland...,
Which gland is responsible for co...,
Which gland is responsible for pr...
17  cards
Anatomy Excretory
Name the three main toxins we exc...,
The large intestine is part of ex...,
Kidneys filter _____ and takes ou...
6  cards
Ayurveda is,
What is the main principle of ayu...,
What are the five methods of ayur...
20  cards

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