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00a. Semester 1 - Abbreviations and medical terminology
94  cards
00b. Spelling
Anurism or aneurysm,
Arrhythmia or arhythmia,
Osscultation or auscultation
29  cards
01. Dimensions of Health and Wellbeing
What is health and wellbeing,
Briefly explain what is meant by ...,
Briefly explain what is meant by ...
17  cards
02. Health Status Indicators
What is health status,
Define life expectancy,
Define mortality rate
16  cards
03a. Land traffic accidents
What is a fracture,
Symptoms of a spinal cord injury,
What is a spinal cord injury
33  cards
03b. Smoking and Vaping
What is sticky blood,
What is coronary heart disease ca...,
What is cerebrovascular disease c...
27  cards
03c. Sun Safety
13  cards
03d. Water safety
Upper respiratory system,
Lower respiratory tract,
13  cards
04a. Nutrients
47  cards
58  cards
05. Australian Health care system
Describe medicare,
3 medicare objectives,
Medicare covers
30  cards
06. Communicable disease
Communicable diseases,
Non communicable diseases,
16  cards
07. Semester 2 - Medical abbreviations
Ac ac,
210  cards
08. Respiratory system
What is this,
What is this,
What is this
24  cards
09. Cardiovascular system
What is 1 and what is it function,
What is 1 and what is it function,
What is 1 and what is it function
47  cards
10. Conditions of the heart and lungs
What is sticky blood,
What is coronary heart disease is...,
What is cerebrovascular disease
18  cards
11. Bones
What is this bone,
Axial or appendicular,
What bone is 1
29  cards
12. Joints
What is the function of ligaments,
What prevents friction at sites i...,
What is a
16  cards
13. Muscles
What muscle is this,
What muscle is this,
What muscle is this
22  cards
14. The eye
Describe the structure of the iris,
What is b,
What is the circular coloured par...
31  cards
15. The nervous system
What is the function of the nucle...,
What part of the neuron provides ...,
What part of a neuron receives in...
19  cards
16. Reproductive system
What is number 1
35  cards
17. Vital signs
What is hr,
What measure is the number of bea...,
What is measured in bpm
47  cards
18. Models of Health - BM, OPH, NPH
Biomedical model of health,
Old public health,
New public health
10  cards
19. Stages of Development
List the stages of development,
List the types of development,
List the substages of the prenata...
45  cards
Describe dementia,
Describe alzheimers disease,
Functions of the frontal lobe
24  cards

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