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TBRQ Ch: 50 - Patient Care
Obesity places patients at an inc...,
The primary reason that you need ...,
In the postanesthesia care unit p...
15  cards
TB Ch: 50 - Patient Care
The nurse is caring for a surgica...,
The nurse is caring for a patient...,
The nurse is caring for a patient...
46  cards
TBRQ Ch: 41 - Oxygenation
For which of the following health...,
A patient has been diagnosed with...,
A patient is admitted to the emer...
15  cards
TB Ch: 41 - Oxygenation
A nurse is teaching staff about t...,
A nurse is teaching the patient w...,
Aa nurse explains the function of...
51  cards
TBRQ Ch: 29 - Infection Control
What is the most effective way to...,
A patient who has been isolated f...,
Your assigned patient has a leg u...
15  cards
TB Ch: 29 - Infection Prevention and Control
The nurse and a new nurse in orie...,
The patient and the nurse are dis...,
The nurse is providing an educati...
46  cards
TBRQ Ch: 28 - Immobility
An older adult has limited mobili...,
A patient has been on bed rest fo...,
The nurse puts elastic stockings ...
15  cards
TB Ch: 28 - Immobility
A nurse is assessing body alignme...,
A nurse is providing range of mot...,
A nurse is providing passive rang...
49  cards
TBRQ Ch: 30 - Vital Signs
A 52 year old woman is admitted w...,
The licensed practical nurse lpn ...,
A 55 year old female patient was ...
14  cards
TB Ch: 30 - Vital Signs
A patient has a head injury and d...,
A patient presents with heatstrok...,
The patient has a temperature of ...
47  cards
TB Ch: 39 - Activity and Exercise
A nurse observes a patient rising...,
A nurse notices that a patient ha...,
A nurse is caring for a patient w...
33  cards
TBRQ Ch: 39 - Activity and Exercise
A nurse is instructing a patient ...,
The body alignment of the patient...,
A patient is experiencing some pr...
15  cards
TB Ch: 16 - Nursing Assessment
The nurse is using critical think...,
A nurse is using the problem orie...,
After reviewing the database the ...
21  cards
TBRQ Ch: 16 - Nursing Assessment
Which of the following examples a...,
A nurse assesses a patient who co...,
When a nurse conducts an assessme...
15  cards
TB Ch: 32 - Medication Administration
A nurse is teaching a patient abo...,
A nurse is preparing to administe...,
A 2 year old child is ordered to ...
50  cards
TBRQ Ch: 32 - Medication Andministration
You are a new graduate nurse comp...,
A toddler is to receive 25 ml of ...,
What statement made by a 2 year o...
15  cards
TB Ch: 48 - Skin Integrity and Wound Care
The nurse is working on a medical...,
The nurse is caring for a patient...,
Which nursing observation will in...
51  cards
TBRQ Ch: 48 - Skin Integrity and Wound Care
When repositioning an immobile pa...,
Match the pressure ulcer categori...,
When obtaining a wound culture to...
15  cards
TB Ch: 31 - Health Assessment
A nurse is a preceptor for a nurs...,
Having misplaced a stethoscope a ...,
A nurse is preparing to perform a...
43  cards
TBRQ Ch: 31 - Assessment
The nurse prepares to conduct a g...,
The nurse is performing an abdomi...,
While auscultating the adult pati...
14  cards
EAQ Ch: 41 - Oxygenation
Which condition is most likely in...,
The nurse is teaching a group of ...,
Arrange the steps in order for ap...
51  cards
SG Ch: 41 - Oxygenation
Define work of breathing,
Define respiratory compliance,
What is airway resistance
10  cards

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