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Are you a subject matter expert? Are you looking for ways to reach millions of potential learners? You could be working with Brainscape and earning substantial royalties.

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Sample Partners

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MCAT Chemistry

The Science Guys
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Ultimate Music Theory

Ultimate Music Theory
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LEED Green Associate

Clean Edison
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Gourmet Food

John Stevenson

Our Process

The Brainscape team is made up of ex- executives and software developers from educational publishing companies & top universities. To maintain our standard of quality, we carefully select our partner for each subject area, based on their expertise, commitment, and potential marketing reach. The process unfolds as follows:

  1. You apply to become a partner by sending us your bio, your proposed subject outline, and a few sample flashcards authored in Brainscape
  2. We sign a contract detailing Responsibilities, Rights, and Royalties
  3. You develop the content in close collaboration with our Content Manager
  4. We publish the subject together, and you earn royalties from all sales henceforth

Private Licenses

In addition to working with public content creators to sell products on our Market, we can also accommodate the following private implementations:

Schools & Universities
Implement Brainscape in your classrooms, and analyze student data
Cognitive Science Researchers
Perform experiments on learning & memory, and get custom stats
Keep track of all your students' study progress and identify weaknesses
Train your employees more efficiently than ever before

Top Partner Opportunities

  • Pharmacology
  • Series 7
  • CFA
  • AP US History
  • Law School Exams

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