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    This page is provided to give a brief overview of Brainscape. For further information and interviews, please contact us at


    In the winter of 2006, Andrew Cohen was living in Martinique and needed to learn French fast. To speed up his acquisition of new words, he put together an excel macro that timed the repetition of vocab words based on how well he knew them. Little did he know that this macro was the start of what would become Brainscape.

    You can read more about his story here.


    1. Andrew e3661f6614975c27178e0c1788b935bdf69ffa0417a9f3844105b8142ef4f4a1

      Andrew Cohen

      Founder & CEO

      Self-taught programmer. Created Brainscape v0.1 in 2006. eLearning consultant at World Bank; MA Education Technology at Columbia University.

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    2. Andy 28b16eb392160b2dd13efb050a065747b9ea4ba47adcf32d389016a5d3b8c6ef

      Andy Lutz

      Chief Product Officer

      VP of Product at The Princeton Review, where he ran web/live services earning $100m/yr

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    3. Mike faa177758b3c0b82ed7d48188348bb8391867ef9b160cf34cc981d19882eb962

      Mike Cavaliere

      Chief Experience Officer

      Senior web engineer from advertising industry; NYC BigApps 2009 prize winner; Huge Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) geek

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    4. Jeff 80168da78b0ed772c3d9e707501c48839f3ce8c87ab82efb883070fecc75b31b

      Jeff Holliday

      Chief Technology Officer

      Software Engineer at Intuit on TurboTax Mac/iPad. Creator of Flashcardlet, the successful free iPhone/iPad studying application. MS Information & Computer Science, UC Irvine.

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    5. Jon feb3706b077c5747c8975e743719155ed01cb0c7bf8871fe348fbc345177a298

      Jon Laing

      Lead Designer and Fungineer

      Senior Web Application developer at American College of Physicians. BFA Illustration & Design, University of the Arts

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    6. Amanda 547323b3ecc6cc6e3b8f2fda33459c074831960337e760fa7157af8c2dc94fe0

      Amanda Moritz-Saladino

      Community Manager

      Bachelors in Cognitive Science, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Certifiable WordPress ninja.

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    7. Ike 9d1363857d17122f9fb495431423d3fe9581731e95a0bd9816b7280c696e02b9

      Ike Wilson

      Content Manager

      Teacher at Ulysses S. Grant Foundation; Bachelors in French from Yale. Writer, DJ, basketball player, and learning enthusiast.

      The New Yale Man


    Bsc logo


    Brainscape is an adaptive web and mobile education platform designed to help you learn faster. Our method focuses on the TIMING of study repetitions. Rate how well you know each concept, on a scale of 1-5, and Brainscape determines exactly the right interval of repetition for YOUR brain.

    Users can create their own content for free, or study Brainscape's expert created content. The Brainscape marketplace covers subjects from GRE vocab prep to Spanish to Sports Trivia and Music Theory, all of which you can study online or on the go.

    You can learn literally ANYTHING faster with Brainscape.

    Sample Subjects


    Brainscape intelligently processes each flash card and modifies the repetition pattern based on how well integrated the answer is in your long term memory...Like magic, based on my confidence levels, certain words appear as soon as I seem to have forgotten them. Each time I run the deck, I become more and more confident in the words, and quickly find them etched in my long-term memory.

    The Huffington Post

    [Brainscape] uses the digital platform to tweak the flashcard model with proven learning strategies.


    The future of education itself, to Cohen, is based around optimization.

    Forbes Magazine

    But failing to recognize a common tech term [like 'S Corp' and 'Jason Fried'] at the right moment can make you look like a nube...Smart-flashcard startup Brainscape launched a new deck of flashcards called Tech Startup Genius on Wednesday that promises to protect you from this situation.



    The absolute best learning tool I have ever used in my life. I love learning at MY OWN unique pace. I am retaining everything I learn. This is incredible!


    Best flashcard learning program I've ever used and I've tried many of the best ones out there.


    I just took the GREs after preparing with Brainscape and was extremely happy with the outcome. The portability of the app and amazingly effective method it employs made using it convenient and rewarding, and I have no doubt that it helped to raise my score.

    Chris Jamba

    I have several [Spanish learning apps] but this is my go-to flashcard app for Spanish. This is three times more intelligently designed than the others. You will be racing through vocabulary with this app.


    Confidence-Based Repetition is amazing. I'm very excited about my kids and I using this software.


    Absolutely fantastic! This is what I was looking for. And so easy to use.