If you know a whole lot about your particular field of study or work (i.e. you’re a subject matter expert) and you want to monetize your mind, you might be a great candidate for Brainscape’s Certified Author program! (Watch the video below to learn what that is and how you can get in on the action.)

Brainscape is a popular learning app that allows users to find, create, share, and study adaptive digital flashcards for any subject.

In addition to thousands of user-generated collections, we work with brainiacs like you to create “certified flashcards” for subjects, exams, and certifications that are in high demand. These classes are created and vetted by experts who know exactly how to excel in that subject, certification, or exam, and who can lend their expertise to crafting a set of flashcards that are accurate and comprehensive in meeting the scope of that subject.

Our Certified Authors earn royalties ($$$) every time a Brainscape user upgrades to Pro to study their flashcards. Also, for our partners who have their own education business outside of Brainscape, they'll get huge name recognition and even access to thousands of new customers from among Brainscape's users.

Here's how the program works…

Review & agreement

First, we establish an agreement with you based on various terms. Have you already made your own draft flashcards to start with? Do you own the intellectual property? Are you gonna make all the flashcards yourself, or would you like to simply advise Brainscape's content team to create them for you, and then you edit the final version? Are you committed to maintaining & updating this content going forward? What would be a fair royalties percentage, considering all factors? And so on.

Coaching & flashcard creation / editing

Then, once we have the agreement, whether you're authoring from scratch, coordinating with Brainscape's content teams, or just cleaning up your existing flashcards, we’ll coach you through our formatting and quality guidelines to ensure that your flashcards create the best experience and revenue opportunity for all users. Depending on the size of the project, this could take a few weeks or even months. But it's worth it!

Publishing & marketing, i.e. “spreading the word”

Finally, once the flashcards are almost ready, you'll begin working with our Marketing team to create web articles, YouTube videos, social media posts, and emails that give us the tools to continue spreading the word for years after we've pushed that initial "Publish" button. You’ll also play an equal role in spreading the word to your audience, through your channels.

This last bit is super important because you probably already have an established network of learners, educators, and industry professionals at your fingertips. And this will help us enormously in getting your class off to a running start!

Why become a Certified Author with Brainscape?

If all of this sounds good to you, here are three reasons why you should reach out to us to find out if you’re eligible to become a Certified Author:

Monetize your knowledge: You've already invested time and effort into becoming a master of your subject, so why not earn money from your knowledge? By creating quality flashcards on Brainscape, you can generate a passive income by reaching out to a global audience.

Enhance your reputation and reach: Brainscape offers students and tutors increased visibility among their peers and educators worldwide. Amplify your reputation as an expert in your field and expand your reach by leveraging Brainscape's platform and user base.

Contribute to the learning community: Brainscape encourages collaboration, allowing you to share your knowledge and aid other students in their educational journey. It's an exceptional way to give back to the learning community and foster higher education in your area of expertise.

So if you're interested in this opportunity to create a new stream of residual income or customers, please apply to be a Brainscape Certified Author, and we'll look forward to setting up a call!

For even more ways you can earn money from your flashcards or course content, read our Help Centre article: How can I earn money from my flashcards?