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Thanks for your interest in Brainscape!

Thanks for your interest in Brainscape!

Check out our resources below to help point you in the right direction -- depending on your learning goals for yourself, your school, or your organization. Brainscape Intro Video A Free Brainscape Mobile "Student" Account To see what it's like as a typical student user, just download our mobile app,

We Want to Make It Right

Oh no! From your rating, it’s clear that you didn’t just have a disappointing experience with Brainscape, but that it left you with nothing positive to say! That’s about as terrible as the song ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black (which went viral in 2011 because it was that

Thank You For Your Amazing Feedback!

Holy smokes, a 9? That's like remembering that Monday is a federal holiday when you were packing your bags for work; or finding a random $100 on the pavement on your morning walk. In other words: heck, yeah, that’s amazing! We're thrilled you're such a fan of Brainscape so