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Brainscape has aggregated the best learning hacks from top students, educators, and cognitive scientists from around the world. So, whether you’re pushing to improve your grades or are studying for the biggest exam of your life, you’ll find all the advice you need to hack your brain, body, and bedroom (or other study environments) and study efficiently and effectively!

Our favorite underrated study tips.

Have you ever studied for a test or exam for hours and then completely forgotten everything on D-day? Are your grades a poor reflection of the amount of time and love you lavish on your subjects? Do you sometimes feel your brain is an ADD-afflicted three-year old on a mission to derail your education?

It happens to the best of us. But the good news is that there is a whole lot you can do about these common studying problems!

For the cream of the crop of Brainscape’s study tips, read our guide on the best ways to study, so you can actually remember what you learn. And for more delectable hors d'oeuvres on studying and study hacks, check out our topical pages for focus, habits, motivation, vocab learning, flashcards, memory, and parenting.

Seriously, there is barely a study problem under the blazing sun that we haven’t written about!

Hacking your brain for studying

Once you've wrapped your head around the top study tactics that all the cognitive scientists cool kids are recommending, how about trying some out-the-box techniques for becoming a better student? Like, how to trick your brain to actually focus or how to eat the right foods for brain superpowers.

You can even figure out slick ways to study while exercising, so that you emerge from exams looking trim, healthy, and ready for what’s next in life (even if that is a night of dancing and flirting).

Feel like procrastinating? We've got you

There are probably billions of things you'd probably rather be doing than studying right now. Know how we know that? You’re here, reading this, instead of studying.

Well, in the immortal words of Cher: “Snap out of it!”

Read how to end procrastination once and for all, so that you can become a total study boss and annoy your peers for being so razor-focused and awesome.

A slacker's dream

You might not be a huge user of flashcards because it takes so friggin' long to make them. But what if you could bribe convince your classmates to make flashcards for you? Some may call that sneaky. We call it smart. See how to delegate flashcard making.

Alternatively, you can go on a pleasure cruise of Brainscape’s vast ocean of already-made flashcard collections for the subject you’re studying, from anatomy to zoology. No effort required!