Employee Training

L&D Tips for Efficient Employee Training.

Unlock your workforce’s full potential with these L&D guides for efficient and effective employee training.

Why Brainscape for employee development?

Thousands of innovative companies choose Brainscape for employee training because it is lightweight, efficient, and incredibly self-directed. Unlike other microlearning tools, Brainscape helps employees attack their own weaknesses over time rather than force-feeding them training all at once, in a one-pace-fits-all fashion.

Some trainers are initially surprised that flashcards are such a useful tool for employee training. Aren’t they for kids? Or high school students?

In fact, law graduates and medical students use flashcards to prepare for their high-stakes exams, so they are a serious and proven learning tool with huge value in employee L&D.

With flashcards, you can:

  • Break your content into its most atomic learning objectives;
  • Collaborate with other editors;
  • Deploy frequent and secure content updates, and most importantly;
  • Track your eLearning ROI down to the finest conceptual detail

More critical is the outcome: employees that learn more efficiently and remember key information and training permanently. And not just for a few weeks or months.

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Become a stronger learning organization

Whether or not you actually use Brainscape's eLearning tools for employee training, we've laid out some excellent (and free) advice in this Academy that can vastly improve your organization's development culture, from developing an L&D strategy that uses good cognitive science to unleashing the beast in your salespeople.

We hope you enjoy our tips and continue to follow us for updates and product developments!