How to Study in Groups

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How to Study in Groups

When I was in middle school, I was never allowed to go to study groups, the single reason being that my parents thought that I would not actually be able to get any studying accomplished. I found this to be true when during high school, my friends would invite me to study groups and instead of studying, we would procrastinate even more.

However, upon entering college, I have found that changing the way I study in study groups has not only led me to learn more, but there has also been a significant increase (as far as I can tell) in my grades as compared to when I study by myself.  Especially when combined with online flashcards systems such as Brainscape.

Why is this?

Tips for Your Study Group

When studying with study groups, I find that many times it is helpful to study with people I do not know as well. Firstly, studying in any kind of group prevents me from distracting myself (by going on Facebook or watching YouTube) as there are people with me. Secondly, studying with people I do not know very well partially eliminates the need for any unplanned digressions that could pop up if I am studying with a very close friend. This is not a steadfast rule, though. I have also found that if studying with close friends, it often helps to study with the ones who are super focused. That way, you know that they want to study!

What also helps is if you, as well as the other group members, have reviewed the material before meeting in the study groups. Assigning material to each person will allow for there to be a “course of action”. That way there is a definite guide to what needs to be accomplished, and that way not only can you assure that you definitely know one part of what needs to be studied really well, but it also saves you the trouble of having to fully study the rest of the material.

Ask questions! Even if you think that it may not be an intelligent question, chances are that if you are unsure of it, someone else may also be unsure. Asking questions is an efficient way for the person who knows that section to test themselves, and for you to get the information in a more understandable way.

Group study sessions work differently for everyone so it is important that you study in a manner that works for you. Therefore remember to try different group studying strategies out so that you can reap the benefits as much as possible!

While you’re at it, take some time to study alone as well — it’s the best way to solidify your knowledge of any subject. And we have to plug Brainscape here too, because it’s a powerful mobile study tool that uses the latest mobile and web technologies combined with traditional flashcard methods to help you learn much faster! Check it out today!

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Psych n Stats Tutor 4 years ago

It's a good idea to swap group leader frequently; someone to coordinate the where, remind others, resources needed, check where the group is at etc...

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