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As you may have realized, creating a whole semester’s worth of online flashcards can require a lot of work! Many students have been using Brainscape for social learning to collaboratively create flashcards, both to ease their individual authoring burdens and to improve their flashcards’ overall quality.

How to get your classmates to create flashcards with you:

  1. Create a Brainscape class. If you haven’t already, visit your main dashboard screen (either on our website or in our iOS or Android app), and choose to Create Class. Name it with the name of your class that other students would recognize. (e.g. Biology 101.)
  2. Create a “deck outline”. Inside your class, create an empty deck for each chapter or lecture in the semester. Perhaps create your own flashcards for the first one or two decks, so you can start your group with the right momentum.
  3. Share the class with your classmates. Once you’ve set up the shell of your class, click the “Share” button and choose the method that makes the most sense for you. You can share the class via email or text, or just copy the custom invitation link and share it on your class website or other social media. Your classmates will be able to easily join the class in just a few easy clicks. Social learning couldn’t be easier!
  4. Divide and conquer. Meet with your study group and determine which students will be responsible for creating which decks. Be sure to set the respective editors’ “Edit” access permissions as needed, and set a deadline by which students need to create each deck. (It should be well before any unit exams or midterms!)
  5. Refine and improve. As the students in your group study the flashcards throughout the semester, they should be encouraged to use the “suggest an edit” button to alert the class administrator(s) whenever there are improvements to be made. The more eyeballs are involved in creating your flashcards, the more comprehensive and accurate that they will be!
  6. Do a final content audit before the final exam. As you approach the final exam, assign each person in your study group to review at least one deck that was not one of the ones that they initially created themselves. Each reviewer should go through their own class notes and relevant textbook chapters to ensure that no key concepts were missed on the flashcards.

If you follow the steps above, you should end up with a comprehensive, accurate, student-generated set of online flashcards in time for your final exam — with just a fraction of the amount of work you would have had to spend creating the flashcards yourself. And what’s better than personalized learning in less time!

Please let us know if you ever have any other ideas for using Brainscape more efficiently, and we may share them with the community as well.

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