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Define "Size-Up"

An evaluation of problems and conditions that effect the outcome of a fire.


A proper size-up begins?

From the moment the alarm is received, and continues until the emergency is under control.


What does the acronym COAL WAS WEALTH stand for?

C - construction
O - occupancy
A - apparatus and personnel
L - life hazard

W - water supply
A - auxiliary appliances
S - street conditions

W - weather
E - exposures
A - area / height
L - location and extent of the fire
T - time
H - height / hazmat


Life hazards come in two forms:

Them and us


For every 100,000 residential structure fires fought, we lose how many firefighters?

4 per 100,000


80% (3,000) of all civilian fire deaths per year occur in what type of buildings?

Residential buildings


For every 100,000 store fires, we lose how many firefighters?

16 per 100,000


What has proved to be the most effective tool by far for recalling preplan information?

CADS Computer-aided dispatching system


Time of year factors to consider?

Winter, weather (hot or cold), holidays


What types of construction does the 20 minute rule apply?

Class 3 ordinary construction (brick and wood joist) and Class 5 wood-frame.


A fire in a single family home that has not vented from a single window, has been at the flashover stage for?

Generally under a minute or two.


A fire in a single family home that has not yet vented or vented out one or two windows and fire is confined to one room, has been at the flashover stage?

Anywhere from 1 to 5 min


A fire in a single family home that has Fire venting out windows on two floors, is a sign of?

Prolonged burning (greater than 10 min) or the use of an accelerant.


A full 30 min air cylinder lasts?

15-20 min


Class 1 buildings can withstand fire how long?

Several hours


Unprotected steel can be expected to fail in?

In as little as 5 min.


20 minutes is far to long to operate in what type of building?

Lightweight wood construction.


Who keeps tract of the "time mark system"?

The dispatcher.


Construction has many implications in a fire, name 4.

1 degree of compartmentation of a building.
2 how much does the building itself contribute to the fire load.
3 Hidden voids
4 The ability of a building to resist collapse when threatened by fire.