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Gutzwiller's favourite slides at the end


program vs project

program >> projects

typically transformative, and mostly max 2 of them at a time


Co task taxonomy


  • run
  • change
    • incremental changes
    • programs / projects
      --> typically w info sys new releases


levels of proj mgmt

  1. proj portfolio mgmt --> strategic mgmt of curr & planned projects; typically done by the board in the morning
  2. external proj mgmt, involving / supervising middle level managers
  3. internal proj mgmt, including domain-specific mgmt process, w matrix structure of subprojects X phases


3 levels of proj mgmt & associated actors & committees

  1. proj portfolio mgmt --> Co board / steering committee, if external ppl are involved for strategic reasons
  2. ext proj mgmt --> project owner / "sponsor"
  3. int proj mgtm --> supplier

NB: it does not make a big diff whether the ppl involved are internal or external


proj method audit vs proj leadership audit 

proj method audit --> quality (deviations?)

proj leadership audit --> which org is responsible for the deviations? client or supplier?


consultants in proj:

when to call, what for (2 ways) & who

call them if you don't have know how to do proj

in order to either:

  • get right process (small consultantcies)
  • also let them run proj (big consultancies)


strategy vs proj outputs

studies vs changes effectively changing the Co's value added engine


  • what is a study or proj request?
  • what is a submarine project and what happens?
  • why is RM important?


= basically a request for investment money, according to a structured formalism

= hidden projects, that die when they emerge


Because assessing & communicating possible risks in advance keeps trust & cohesion b/w supplier & client organization!


what is a proj steering decision log?


= log of all (collective) decisions in a proj


==> documents all decisions taken and changes made which made proj more expensive, thus avoiding recriminations

(accountability for design, scope & cost is in the client org!)


best nr for proj committee

5-6; never more than 9, otherwise they position themselves in discussions!


project artifacts

==> go through slides & compile a nice list


how should a manager handle late deliveries of deliverables?

reassign a new date to the late ppl, but leave this always visible, so that peer pressure takes care of that and makes true problems emerge!

DO NOT compensate by taking over the late task, otherwise you get overloaded.


time sheet: purpose

document if someone is responsible for a task & has resources assigned, but is not really receiving them (eg ppl do not show up or do not deliver to them)


--> do we have the Co capacity?


good vs bad proj risk mgmt

good: anticipate risks, then report problems early & have corrective plans ready --> makes a very good impression!

bad: unrealistic optimism, then keep problems hidden and then report huge problems late --> fired!


small vs big projects

typically used thresholds: 50 days or 50(0)k expense


beer formula of

transformation mgmt

transformation mgmt

proj mgmt                      --> mechanics/intellect, non-specific


proj process model      --> mechanics/intellect, domain-specific


change mgmt                --> psy


role of agile in proj mgmt

agile is for detail breakdown in SW development, which is a small chunk of a big corp transf project


5 types of projects

  • migration
  • political & legal requirements
  • curr projs
  • change requests out of curr biz
  • M&A