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4 stages of CorpDev&IT

  1. strategy dev -> positioning
  2. process dev -> macro-processes
  3. information system integration
  4. implementation


information system integration: content & methods

information system planning

  1. standard software implementation
    "European way"
  2. process & system integration for legacy systems
    "American way"
  3. proprietary development
    "Japanese way"

there should actually be a rational choice!


2 models to explain...

to explain relationships bw strategy, process architecture & IT systems implementations, it takes 2 models:

  • a meta data model
  • a project process model


Meta data model "Strat dev"

strat biz field 

  • serves cust segment
  • serves regional market
  • provides product
  • uses distrib channel


Key to strategic analysis:

identify & reduce yourself to 3 to 5 most important gaps to fill in the next few years, even if we do not know how to fill them

=> you gotta fight the psy tendency to only think of problems that you can cope with

=> the top performing managers are those who can do this


you cannot afford the projects to fill your top gaps?

2 alternatives

either recalibrate (to smaller vision) or sell / merge / go together with other ppl


3 analysis types in the project process model of strat dev

  • external analyses by consultants = number crunching
  • internal analyses (many types)
  • gap analysis


SW-OT strategies

= using internal factors to deal with environmental factors


Ansoff matrix of basic strategies

current VS new markets


current VS new products


market penetration --> core strats = best, most profitable 

product dev

market dev

diversification --> most risky (blue ocean strategies ~ American dream)


Generic product / market growth strats (how) according to Lechner

 X              internal organic, alliances & network, M&A


adjacent to core

diversification based on core comp.

unrelated div.

creation of new industries

==> both dims are ordered by increasing risk

==> be disciplined & focus your effort adjacent to core, especially if you are small


next question after generic prod/mkt growth strats: choose biz strat in Porter matrix of generic strategies

scope (narrow VS broad) X comp. adv. (cost VS unique VP)

= 4 options



  • def
  • rel. w product / service
  • composition
  • rel. w IT system
    • rel. w project management

  • the macroprocess is defined by its output, i.e. a certain client relationship interaction
  • customers pay for the product / service, but they more often decide based on the CRI!
  • each composed of microprocesses, typically 3 to 7
  • microprocesses are implemented in the information system
    • to be implemented in parallel


customer buying cycle



inventory of clients' touchpoints

...including needs ==> CRI


effectiveness VS efficiency

effectiveness --> external --> CRI

efficiency --> internal --> macroprocess delivering the CRI 

strat development goes from external to internal



  • measured how
  • often achieved how

  • #hours spent for CRIs
  • efficiency is often achiavable through incremental improvement


benefit of ISO certification

signals that someone put effort in process design (hopefully, that is also followed... but the certifiers do not check that)


costs of transformation: spent where

  • strat dev --> very little
  • proc dev --> little
  • info sys integration --> most!!!


3 perspectives on info sys dev

+ typical problem

  1. org / biz mger --> focused on CRI
  2. SW dev --> focused on robust SW --> identify modular components reusable across transaction
  3. biz analyst --> should be able to translate & mediate, thinking in terms of activities & transactions

+ often levels 1 & 2 ~ external & internal proj mgmt are missing!


typical Nrs on data & transactions

in a Co in general & in bank Lione case study

  • ​SAP offers abt 30k transaction types
  • ZKB executes ~N*100m transaction runs (instances)
  • typical Nr of data types for a Co ~ N*1k


  • Bank Lione case study:
    cost & time for transforming Co & IT w 3k employees
    • 300 to 500m & 5y
    • 3k transaction types
    • 300 projects


what IS need to be managed?

5 levels 

  • IS concepts = what kind of tech?
  • IS architecture = portfolio of applications?
  • IS project portfolio?
  • IS project
  • IS support


IT applications def=

tech aids showing users some data & providing minitools to manipulate that data (let them do work for you, whether they are employees or customers)


value of standard application packages

since most is prebuilt, you can do many more phases in parallel rather than sequentially


IS support def=

suggested structure & why

mgmt of incremental change

  • change needs
  • --> chg requests
  • --> evaluation/acceptance/denial
  • --> bundling into release
  • --> release

lack of structured approach leads to unstable applications


meta data model for systems & tech planning: scope

many decisions about applications

like: strat: first mover / fast follower / follower...

choice of outsourcers

skills needed


project process model for systems & tech planning: scope

many components, such as:

strategic planning, org planning, topology planning, release planning etc.


project process model "implementation" / rollout: 
4 higher-level compoments

  • resources concept
  • training concept
  • fallback plan
  • data transfer concept
  • authorization plan
    • who has authorizations to use what... --> org structure planning
  • downtime plan
  • (data) bacukup plan
  • install test system
  • integration plan


classification of data (transfer) errors

  • 3 types of errors
  • rel w cutover

  • 3 types of errors
    • A errors = catastrophic
    • B errors = needing workarounds
    • C errors = nice to have for comfort
  • rel w cutover:
    • A errors must be solved by cutover
    • proj mgr pushes for no delay, to save big costs
    • requesting activation of fallback plan is dangerous for career