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Most common hip dislocation?
Why not the other way?

- posteriorly

- sitting

- abducted makes it worse as it can # the acetabulum

- Y shaped iliofemoral lig. is anterior and v. strong


Surface anatomy of sciatic nerve in hip?

- 1/3 down from PSIS to IT

- midpoint of greater trochanter and ischial tuberosity


Difference between mid point of inguinal lig. and mid inguinal point?

Mid point of inguinal ligament = 1/2way ASIS to pubic tubercle, inguinal ring

Mid inguinal point = 1/2way ASIS and pubic symphysis, femoral artery


Mid-Femoral shaft fracture displacement is most common in which direction?

Distal shaft moves posteromedially due to att. of adductor longus and magnus

Proximal shaft moves outwards and upwards due to att. of glut.s and iliopsoas

Overal shortening


Femoral shaft # treatment?

Intramedulllary nail

plates and screws won't hold with weight bearing


Distal Femoral shaft # displacement is most common in which direction?

Gastrocnemius pulls distral fragment posteriorly which angulates it and can damage the popliteal artery


Housemaid's knee?

Prepatellar bursitis


Clergyman's knee?

Infrapatellar bursitis


In which direction does the patella normally dislocate? What stops it doing this normally?


1. Vastus medialis attaches to the medial side and also to the medial tibia holding it in place

2. Lateral epicondyle of the femur is higher (anteriorly) than the medial one, a hill it normally cannot slide over


Which nerve can be irritated by a cast pressing on the proximal fibula?

Common fibular nerve


Most common type of tibial #



Describe the 3 degrees of ankle Pott's #s

1st degree Pott's: lateral melleolus #, talus shifted sideways

2nd degree Pott's: lateral and medial malleolus #, more joint instability

3rd degree Pott's: 2nd degree plus posterir tibial # and posterior talus movement

*all #s above associated with tears of ligaments