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Hofstede’s Model

Career success/quality of life (masculinity)
- Cultures promoting career success are characterized by the acquisition of money and things, and not caring for others.
- Cultures promoting quality of life are characterized by concern for relationships and nurturing.

Uncertainty avoidance
- Negotiators from high uncertainty avoidance cultures are less comfortable with ambiguous situations - want more certainty on details, etc.

- Individualistic societies may be more likely to swap negotiators, using whatever short-term criteria seem appropriate
- Collectivistic societies focus on relationships and will stay with the same negotiator for years

Power distance
- Cultures with stronger power distance will be more likely to have decision-making concentrated at the top of the culture.

Long term orientation
- Link between past, present, and future
- Normative (low) cultures prefer traditions and see change with suspicion – there is one truth; pragmatic (high) cultures encourage change in order to prepare for future – truth depends on situation, context, and time

- Is control of desires and impulses weak (indulgence) or strong (restraint)