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The following procedures are provided to assist City employees in their relations with the news media.(read only)

A. Information given to the media should always be completely accurate.
B. Employees should be aware that the public records law in Arizona requires that most reports, memoranda, electronic mail and files should be made available in a reasonable time to the public and members of the news media upon request. If an employee believes that a particular record contains information the public disclosure of which may violate a resident’s right to privacy, the employee should consult with the supervisor, the Director of Public Information and Communications and/or the City Attorney’s Office before releasing it.
C. Information given to the media should be conveyed by the City employee who is most qualified to speak on the topic. If the information needed by the media should more appropriately come from a more qualified source, employees should refer the media representative to the Office of Public Information and Communications.
D. Employees must notify their supervisor when they conduct an interview with the media as well as reporting the interview through the City’s “media contact” e-mail group. Due to the nature of the job, Police and Fire Public Information Officers need only inform the City Manager or designee and the Director of the Office of Public Information and Communications on major incidents or controversial issues involving the City.
E. All news releases issued by City employees must be written on approved City of Mesa News Release letterhead, follow Associated Press and City style guidelines, and should include a City contact and phone number. A sample news release/template can be obtained from the Office of Public Information and Communications InsideMesa page. Copies of all news releases should be posted on the City’s website using the online posting system.
F. Employees should determine the nature of the interview and find out what questions will be asked by the media representative in order to properly prepare for the interview.
G. The Office of Public Information and Communications offers media training to supervisors and employees who interact with the media on a frequent basis.


The following procedures are provided to assist in determining when, and if, it is: appropriate to disclose information from applicants and candidates for City employment to the media:(read only)

-Information (name and short biography) on high-profile executive management positions such as City Manager, Deputy City Manager and department directors may be released to the media when applicants have been selected for the for final interview/testing process. Prior to release of the information, applicants must be notified and give approval (verbal and written).
-Information (name and short biography) on candidates (an applicant who has successfully completed the testing process and is under final consideration for employment) for other management positions such as division directors or section administrators may be released to the media upon request from the media or by choice of the hiring department. Prior to release of the information, candidates must be notified and give approval (verbal or written).
-Information (name and short biography) on newly hired employees in other positions may be released to the media upon request from the media or by choice of the hiring department. Once hired, this information becomes public record and therefore would not require the employee’s approval, but the employee should be notified of release.


Who is responsible for issuing IDs to city employees, contractors and non city staff and provides safe areas by installing electronic access systems?

Police department/Facility access.


To have a Electronic access card what must you have on file?

Access request form.


What are the 3 departments of municipal security PD/facility access you can contact if your access card is lost?

1. Program assistant.
2. Security communication desk.
3. After hours call PD and talk with Security communications.


When talking about community meeting rooms. An organization may have use of a City community room for a total of up to __ hours in any month and up to ___ in any calendar year.

16, 144.


A City employee is considered to be in travel status anytime authorized City business-related duties or assignments takes them more than ___ ___ from their normal work location.

40 miles.


Prior to travel, the employee must have Department Head approval on the _____ ______ __ _______ _______. And will have Items 1 through 5 completed when submitted to the Department Head for approval.

Travel Authorization and Expense Report.


Requests for cash advance must be approved by the Department Head. If a cash advance is desired, indicate on Item ___ of the Travel Authorization and Expense Report the amount and date the advance is desired. Advances will be issued no sooner than __ days prior to travel status.



To determine the City’s current mileage reimbursement rate, consult the City’s Intranet webpage under _____ (mileage reimbursement). The point of origin, the destination of the trip and the number of miles must be indicated on the Travel Authorization and Expense Report.



In accordance with the Per Diem meal allowance. Employees authorized to be in travel status will be reimbursed for expenses incurred (for meals, taxes, & tips) up to the allowable ___ ______ _______ ______ per diem rate without furnishing receipts.

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)


Pro-ration of meal allowance for partial travel status days should be made as follows: ___ - breakfast, _____ - lunch, _____ - dinner. Total per diem meal allowance rate determined by http://www.gsa.gov.



Within 10 working days of receiving a contribution of $250 or more from a private individual or group, the recipient department shall acknowledge the gift with a formal thank you letter. If the contribution is other than cash, a Contributed Asset Acquisition form, available on the Notes bulletin board under __ - Finance/Property, must be completed and sent to Finance.



When it comes to underpayment of wages. Upon receiving notice from a department or employee that an employee has been underpaid, or upon other discovery of an error resulting in underpayment to an employee, the ____ _____ ____ and ______ ______ will review all applicable timekeeping and payroll records to verify that an underpayment has occurred and the amount underpaid. Once the underpayment has been verified, the Payroll Division will process and pay the full amount due to the employee as soon as practicable.

HR Dept and Payroll division.


If an employee is over paid and has to repay the city. They will be required to sign form:

Payroll Deduction Agreement and Overpayment Schedule.