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On provider's schedule, what color would indicate that a slot had no regular openings, but at least one overbook appt available?
A. Gray
B. Green
C. Red
D. Yellow

D. Yellow


The patient's appt is actually scheduled after you:
A. Select the time slot on the provider's schedule
B. Click Accept on the Appointment Review window
C. Close the patient workspace
D. Click Schedule on the provider's schedule

B. Click Accept on the Appt Review window


In what type of workqueue can you find patient encounters that are missing info?
A. Referral
B. Schedule Order
C. Patient
D. Claim

C. Patient


When scheduling an appt, you select a check box on the Make Appt form. The Schedule Scanner disappears and when you click Search, you are taken to the Recommended Solutions form rather than the provider's schedule. What check box was selected.
A. Auto search
B. Joint times
C. Recur
D. Use patient prefs

A. Auto search


To be considered a joint appointment, the times scheduled for both providers must be the same, overlap, or touch?



You are pre-registering a patient, she tells you her coverage is no longer effective. What field would you use to terminate the coverage?
A. Member eff to
B. Member eff from
C. Subscriber ID
D. Insurance ID

A. Member eff to


Time slots reserved for a specific visit type or type of patient are called:
A. Unavailable
B. Blocks
C. Held
D. Public

B. Blocks


On a patient's appointment desk, you see multiple future appointments with an 'R' next to them. This indicates that the appt is:
A. A rescheduled appt
B. Part of a recurring series
C. Missing registration info
D. Scheduled from a referral

B. Part of a recurring series


You are able to schedule multiple visit types with different providers in the same entry process?



You can make an existing appt. recur.


1) Right click appt and select 'Recur'
2) Select appt , click 'Recur' on bottom toolbar of Future tab.


A ________ is an insuring entity.
A ________ is a specific set of benefits.
A. plan, payor
B. payor, plan
C. coverage, plan
D. coverage, payor

B. payor, plan


The guarantor and subscriber can be 2 different people or entities when registering a dependent patient?



You would terminate coverage for a patient if the coverage was once effective, but no longer used.



You can create a new patient record w/o searching for the patient first.



If a guarantor acct is no longer effective, you need to
________________ the account.
A. Inactivate
B. Delete
C. Terminate
D. Remove

A. Inactivate


From the patient's Appointment Desk, what is the fastest way to determine if they have an order in the system?
A. Look under Patient Options
B. Look for an Orders tab
C. Right-click a future appt and select Link Orders
D. Look in the Patient Summary window

B. Look for an orders tab


The Appointment List activity allows you to assign a referral to a listed appt or schedule a new appt.



The Referral Action activity allows you to assign an existing referral to an appointment or create a new referral.




You can change appt information prior to the appt without rescheduling.



The Cancel Appts activity could be used to both cancel or reschedule an appt.



The top section of the Wait List displays possible solutions while the lower section of the Wait List displays patients who are waiting for appts.



You can add a patient to the Wait List froM the Appointment Desk.



From which report can you sign in a patient's appointment or admission?
A. Sign-In Report
B. Patient Arrival Report
C. Hospital Appointments and Admission Report
D. Today's Patients Report

D. Today's Patient Report


Patient shows his insurance card, he has a copay.
What steps are taken to update info in the system?
A. Select Edit Copay, enter details of copay in Coverage Level Copay table, click Accept.
B. Select Enterprise Pmt, enter details of copay in Copay due field, click Accept.
C. Select Enterprise Pmt, enter details of copay in Balance Paid field, click Accept.
D. Select Copay due field on the Copay form and enter details of the copay.

A. Select Edit Copay enter details of copay in Coverage Level Copay table, click Accept.


You are scheduling patient for a Walk In visit. After you enter ________, the provider's schedule appears.
A. a department
B. a visit type
C. a provider
D. appointment notes

C. a provider


When registering a patient for a new workers' comp visit, which of the following must be created?
A. Claim information record
B. Personal/Family guarantor account
C. Third party liability guarantor account
D. Coverage record for the patient's personal insurance

A. Claim information record


How can you tell by looking at the DAR if an appt has been checked out? The status of the appointment is:
A. Sch
B. Arrived
C. Checked
D. Comp

D. Comp


Patient checked in for appt but had to leave before being seen. To maintain appropriate appt statistics, you must update the appt info by selecting the ___ button on the DAR and changing the _____ field to _____.
A. Change, Change reason, Patient
B. EOD, Status, No Show
C. EOD, Status, Left without seen
D. Cancel, Cancel reason, Left without seen

C. EOD, Status, Left without seen


Patient's copay and non-copay payments can be refunded from the POS Refund activity.

True Appendix A - Training Wheels


Multiple provider schedules can be created from the same pattern