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Narcotics and Vice Section includes the following units: (12)

(a) Street Level Narcotics Unit
(b) Major Case Narcotics Unit
(c) Mid-Level Narcotics Unit
(d) Pharmaceutical and Designer Drugs Unit
(e) Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team (CLET)
(f) Vice Unit
(g) Drug Abatement Response Team (DART)
(h) Technical Support Unit;
(i) Computer Forensics Investigations Unit
(j) Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Unit
(k) Warehouse Unit
(l) Forfeiture Unit


_______ – Conducts investigations designed to detect and apprehend persons engaged in the street-level distribution and acquisition of controlled substances;

Street Level Narcotics Unit


___________ – Conducts investigations into vice-related criminal activity, such as prostitution, illicit massages, public lewdness, illegal pornography, underage alcohol / tobacco sales, gambling, and adult entertainment violations;

Vice Unit


_______ – Conducts investigations into prescription fraud, illegal pharmaceutical dispensing, drug thefts from pharmacies and medical facilities, and illegal designer drug activity;

Pharmaceutical and Designer Drugs Unit


___________ – Provides digital evidence recovery services from digital media items such as computers, hard drives, and cellular phones;

Computer Forensic Investigations Unit (CFIU)


___________ - Conducts investigations into internet-related sex crimes involving juvenile victims;

Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Unit


___________ – Uses surveillance and recording equipment to assist other JSO units in both a covert and overt capacity;

Technical Support Unit


___________ – Tracks, stores, and maintains vehicles being held as evidence and vehicles that have been seized for forfeiture;

Warehouse Unit


___________ – Administers and processes state and federal forfeitures resulting from criminal activity.

Forfeiture Unit


___________ is responsible for performing the budgetary, record-keeping, technological, and logistic services for JSO.

The Department of Police Services


The following Divisions Department of Police Services: (2)

a. Budget Division
b. Support Services Division


___________ – Responsible for overseeing the budgetary services for JSO, including financial analysis, procurement, grant acquisition, and trust fund management.

Budget Division


This Unit's roles include researching grant solicitations, writing proposals, and preparing programmatic reports; and performing analysis on the completing of law enforcement surveys; and completing analytical reports.

Budget and Management Division


Personnel assigned to this unit prepare the agency’s annual budget and capital improvement requests, monitor revenues and expenditures and perform the purchasing functions for the Sheriff’s Office.

Budget and Management Division


In those matters pertaining to fiscal management, the Chief of the Budget and Management Division shall report directly to the ___________.



Support Services Division includes: (4)

(1) Central Records Section
(2) Communications Section
(3) Information Systems Management (ISM) Section
(4) General Support Section


___________ – Responsible for receiving calls for emergency services in Duval County, performing dispatching duties, and overseeing Duval County’s Emergency 9-1-1 system.

Communications Section


_______ - Responsible for maintaining the storage of JSO-generated reports, arrest records, and warrants issued in this jurisdiction.

Central Records Section


_______ responsible for performing identification activities, overseeing the input of information into official law enforcement databases, and monitoring citations issued in this jurisdiction.

Central Records Section


_______ – Handles JSO’s information technology needs, including software development and maintenance, geographic information systems, and infrastructure support.

Information Systems Management (ISM) Section


_______ – Responsible for performing services related to fleet management, JSO facilities, the storage of property and evidence, and the processing of public records requests.

General Support Section


The General Support section is made up of the following units (9):

(a) Fleet Management Unit
(b) JSO Facilities Security Unit
(c) Police Memorial Building (PMB) Security Unit
(d) Facilities Management Unit
(e) Supply and Mail Unit
(f) Copy Center Unit
(g) Property & Evidence Unit
(h) Public Records Unit
(i) Public Counter Unit


___________– Establishes and maintains security measures for all JSO facilities;

JSO Facilities Security Unit


___________ – Oversees the record-keeping, maintenance, and storage of all property and evidence housed by JSO;

Property and Evidence Unit


___________ – Oversees the procurement, storage, and issuance of supplies and uniforms used by JSO personnel.

Supply and Mail Unit


___________ - ensures the orderly flow of mail within JSO and to external entities;

Supply and Mail Unit


___________ – Oversees the maintenance of JSO facilities and all facility-related projects;

Facilities Management Unit


___________ – Handles public records requests submitted to JSO;

Public Records Unit


___________ – Provides services to PMB visitors such as criminal history checks, gun registrations, fingerprinting, and requests for various JSO reports.

Public Counter Unit


___________ – Coordinates all motor pool activity in terms of fleet vehicle and equipment maintenance and replacement;

Fleet Management Unit