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The following Divisions comprise the Department of Personnel and Professional Standards: (2)

a. Personnel Division
b. Professional Standards Division


___________ – Responsible for performing various human resource functions, including the administration of employee benefits, maintenance of personnel records, overseeing of time and attendance matters,

Personnel Division


_____is responsible for handling the agency’s human resources functions, as well as ensuring JSO members and processes adhere to the highest professional standards.hiring process, etc.;

The Department of Personnel & Professional Standards


___________ monitoring of safety-related matters for the agency

Personnel Division


___________ - oversees the recruitment, selection, and onboarding processes for all members, as well as handles polygraph examinations for job applicants and when requested by other JSO units.

Personnel Division


___________ – responsible for processing of injury-on-duty claims,

Personnel Division


Professional Standards Division is made up of these sections: (3)

(1) Training Section
(2) Public Accountability Section
(3) Compliance Section


___________ – Conducts administrative investigations into allegations of misconduct against JSO members and the agency;

Internal Affairs Unit


___________ – Administers basic recruit training and specialized training courses, as well as all in-service training activities;

Training Academy


___________ – Administers all firearms-related training and qualifications;

Firing Range


___________ – Manages administrative cases related to response-to-resistance (RTR) incidents, JSO-vehicle crashes/incidents, and vehicle pursuits.

Professional Oversight Unit


___________ - facilitates and oversees the RTR Review Board, Safety Review Board, Personnel Early Intervention Program, and process improvement projects for the agency;

Professional Oversight Unit


___________ – Serves as the liaison to the media for matters related to incidents and investigations,

Public Information Unit


___________ – Oversees the field training program for sworn police recruits and community service officer recruits,

Field Training Unit


___________ - monitors the performance of probationary police officers;

Field Training Unit


The training Section is made up of the following units: (4)

(1) Training Academy
(2) Firing Range Unit
(3) Field Training Unit
(4) Leadership development institute


Public Accountability Section is made up of these units (3)

(a) Internal Affairs Unit
(b) Professional Oversight Unit
(c) Public Information Unit


Compliance Section is made up of these units (4):

(a) Internal Audit Unit
(b) Accreditation Unit
(c) Sworn Inspections Unit
(d) Corrections Inspections Unit


The Department of Corrections is managed by ___________ (according to Jacksonville Ordinance Code 37.107),

The Director of Corrections


___________ - is responsible for the supervision and treatment of inmates being housed in Duval County.

The Department of Corrections


The Department of Corrections includes the following divisions: (4)

a. Jails Division
b. Prisons Division
c. Programs and Transitional Services Division
d. Health Services Monitor


The Jails Division includes the following sections: (3)

(1) Pre-Trial Operations Section
(2) Pre-Trial Support Services Section
(3) Court Services Section


_______ – Oversees the operations of the maximum security Pre-Trial Detention Facility (PDF) such as admitting, transferring, releasing, supervising and monitoring of inmates;

Pre-Trial Operations Section


____________ Supports the operations of the PDF in the areas of intelligence, training, transportation, classification, and other technical and logistic services.

Pre-Trial Support Services Section


_______ – Responsible for ensuring the safety of all persons in the courthouse, maintaining decorum in the courtrooms, overseeing the secured transportation of inmates from secured detention to the courtrooms, and executing all lawful orders of the Court.

Court Services Section


___________ – manages the court liaison function, which is responsible for processing and maintaining records related to law enforcement officer depositions and court appearances.

Court Services Section


Prisons Division is made up of the following sections (2):

Community Transition Center Section (CTC)
Montgomery Correctional Center Section (MCC)


_______– Oversees the operations of the minimum-security Community Transition Center (CTC); and

Community Transition Center Section


_______ – Oversees the operations of the medium-security James I. Montgomery Correctional Center (MCC).

Montgomery Correctional Center Section


Programs & Transitional Services Division includes the following sectinos: (4)

(1) Court Diversion Unit
(2) Corrections Programs
(3) Jacksonville Re-Entry Center (JREC)
(4) Corrections Chaplaincy Services