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Any individual who qualifies to take the Maryland mortician or funeral director examination.



The State Board of Morticians and Funeral Directors.



The legal and practical examination that is given by the Board to test the compentency of individuals applying for a Maryland mortician or funeral director license.

Maryland Mortician and Funeral Director Examination


  • Legal part, testing the applicant's knowledge of Maryland law and regulations governing mortuary science, including subject areas disclosed to applicants as part of a notificaation of the upcoming examination sent to all licensed apprentices and other applicants; and
  • One of the following:
    • Practical part for morticians, testing compentency in embalming and otherwise preserving a dead human body, as specified in Health Occupations Article 7-304(i)and(ii), Annotated Code of Maryland; or
    • Practical part for funeral directors, testing compentency in hazardous waste and washing and handling a dead human body. Scope of Examination:

The Board will give a two-part Examination which Consists of a:


  • A. Hold an apprentice license or have completed the apprenticeship requirements;
  • B. Submit an application for examination on the required form; and
  • C. Pay to the Board a $100 fee. Requirements for Examination

An Applicant Shall:


A minimum passing grade of 75 percent is required on the:

  1. Law examination;
  2. Practical examination Passing Score



An applicant who fails either part of the examination may retake the part of the examination one time during the next examination period without paying an additional $100 fee. Passing Score




An applicant who fails both parts of the examination may retake the entire examination one time during the next examination period without paying an additional $100 fee. Passing Score



The Board shall notify each applicant by mail of the results of the examination within 45 days after it is taken. Numerical scores may not be given out unless requested in writing by the applicant. Passing Score



The Board shall hold an examination twice a year, in April and October. Frequency of Examination


Before granting a Maryland motician or funeral director license, the Board shall require an applicant to take and pass the national examination administered by the Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards of the United States. The national examination may be taken either before or after the applicant takes the Maryland examination. An applicant may retake the national examination as often as necessary to fulfill this requirement. National Examination



A minimum passing grade of 75 percent on each section of the examination is required. National Examination



  1. Funeral service science, which includes:
    1. embalming
    2. restorative art
    3. microbiology
    4. pathology
    5. chemistry, and
    6. anatomy
  2. Funeral Service Arts, which includes:
    1. Sociology of funeral service;
    2. Psychology and counseling
    3. funeral directing and professional relationships
    4. business law
    5. funeral service law
    6. funeral merchandising; and
    7. accounting National Examination

C: The two sections of the Examination are:


Effective Date: May 4, 1987

Administrative History