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What is the definition of continuing airworthiness

Actions required to keep an ac airworthy as when it was built


Who is responsible for continuing airworthiness

Owner or operator if leased


Under part M, what is the maximum amount of time to elapse before an occurrence report must be completed?

72 hours


In addition to pre flight inspection and damage rectification, how does an operators ensure continuing airworthiness of its aircraft?

Scheduled maintenance
Naa task and repairs


Who must approve repair data?

Part 21 organisations or EASA


A certificate of release to service crs should be signed ASAP but what is the maximum amount of time allowed until it is entered into the record system?

30 days


Detailed maintenance records of the aircraft and lifted components must be kept for how long?

36 months after aircraft or component has been released to service


What information is contained in section2 of the aircraft technical log?

Next scheduled maint date
Out of phase servicing
Crs from last maint


In aircraft tech log which section contains take off times, flying hours and fuel quantities?

Section 3


What’s the difference between unsalvageable and serviceable?

One can be repaired the other cant be


What two approvals are available for maintenance organisation to carry out maintenance on aircraft uses for commercial air transport or small aircraft not used commercially?

Part 145 for large or cat aircraft
Part m us part for small non cat aircraft


Who requires a maintenance organisation manual (mom) and what is it?

Sub part F maintenance organisation similar to moe


When would a subpart F organisation require an Moe?

Exceeds ten staff


To retain their company their companies authorisations, what experience requirements must certifying staff have?

6 months relevant experience in previous 2 years


What organisations receive its approval under part M subpart G?

Continuing airworthiness management organisation (camo)


In addition to an appropriate position in the company, what must airworthiness review staff have?

5 years experience in continuing airworthiness
Part 66 license or degree
Formal aeronautical maintenance training


List two of the nine tasks a camo must do to ensure the airworthiness of each aircraft it manages?

Develop a maintenance program
Manage repair mod approvals
Ensure Maint is carried out IAW
Ensure Ad’s are carried out
Ensure defects are corrected
Coordinate maint activities
Manage and maintain maint records
Ensure the mass and balance data is correct


How long must a camo retain documents relating to any arc they issue?

At least 2 years from the aircrafts being permanently removed from service


Tasks specified in a maintenance program for a non-complex aircraft <2730 kg can be carried out by the pilot so long as he has what?

Pilots license and type rating


What is an airworthiness review certificate (arc)?

An arc is issued following successful completion of an airworthiness review


What does camo stand for?

Continuing airworthiness management organisation


What is a controlled environment?

Continually managed by the same camo
Been maintained by approved organisation
For 12 months


How many times can an arc be extended?

Twice and on the third year it must have a review


An EASA uk registered aircraft is sold to another person in the uk does the arc remain valid?

Yes so long as the aircraft is in the register of a member state it remain valid until its expiry date


With the regard to EASA regulation what is a dry lease?

A lease agreement where an aircraft is operated under the AOC of the lease


With regard to EASA regulation what is a wet lease?

A lease agreement where an aircraft is operated under the AOC of the lessor