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______ Divide the Cerebellum into Lobes

Transverse Fissures


______ Divide the Cerebellum into Longitudinal Zones

Functional Connections


3 Peduncles Convey the Inputs and Outputs of Each Half of the Cerebellum

The 3 paired fiber bundles connecting the cerebellum and brainstem and conveying cerebellar afferents and efferents.

Inferior Cerebellar peduncle, Middle Cerebellar peduncle, and Superior Cerebellar peduncle.


Deep Nuclei Are Embedded in the Cerebellar ____ Matter

White Matter


Cerebellum means

“little brain”

It accounts for only about 10% of the mass of the brain, but the cerebellum contains as many neurons as all the rest of the CNS combined.

The cerebellum is small but densely packed.


Although the cerebellum is extensively concerned with the processing of sensory information, and although it has few ways to influence motor neurons directly, it is considered part of the motor system because cerebellar damage results in ......

abnormalities of equilibrium, postural control, and coordination of voluntary movements.


Why is the Cerebellum folded?

This folding is a successful device for increasing the cerebellar surface area.

By some estimates, if the cortex could be unfolded into a flat sheet, it would be more than 1 meter long.



Smaller creases that indent the walls of these deep fissures, with the result that the entire cerebellar surface is made up of cortical ridges.

Because the white matter of the cerebellum has a treelike appearance in sagittal sections, it was named arbor vitae (“tree of life”) by early anatomists.
In a continuation of the tree analogy, each of the cortical folds on the surface of the arbor vitae is called a folium (Latin for “leaf,” as in foliage).

most of which are transversely oriented



The hemispheral component of the flocculonodular lobe.

The part of the cerebellum particularly concerned with the vestibular system and eye movements.


vermis is latin for ___




The most medial zone of the cerebellum, straddling the midline.

The vermis is fairly clearly set off from the hemispheres on the inferior surface of the cerebellum