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What is a PTO?

Plenum take off


What is a short way elbow?

When the cheek is short. ;)


What is a log way elbow?

Where the cheek is long. :P


What's the maximum ratio for duct?

4:1 so, If one side was 6 the other side could be no more than four times bigger.


Where should the volume damper be located?

Nearest the trunk line, OR close to the diffuser.


What about pipe supports?

These should be places near every joint and elbow. Must be metal either steel or angles with flattened ends.


How much airflow pressure is lost with one elbow?

Ten feet worth.


What does a centerline change symbol look like?

A c with a diagonal line through it.


How many kinds of boots are there?

End boot
universal boot
right angle boot


What is stacked duct and what is it used for?

To get through a point where all round duct won't do: such as a wall. The assembly would be: round, boot, stack duct, boot, round again


What does the basement termination boot look like?

An ordinary right angle boot with wings to attach to joists.


What are two ways to terminate a branch run in a basement?

Under slab piping using stacked duct or a basement termination boot.


What's a frost wall?

And insulated wall built on the inside of the concrete basement wall which allows termination closer to the floor. :-)


How many types of takeoffs are there and what are they?

There aTop takeoff
side take off
Universal take Off
saddle takeoff
two-way top take off


What is joist liner?

Joist liner is what is used to seal any holes in a joist. For example the bottom of the joist assuming a drop
ceiling was used.

Materials can include:
Light gauge metal
Plastic or drywall.


What's a return air shoe?

It's an Elbow that changes size from the drop talked to the filter rack. There should be turning veins in this elbow. Also, there should be a filter rack closest to the furnace.


Which does under slab heating use? Round or square duct?

It is intended to use round duct.


What is a slab stake and how was is it used?

A slab steak is a piece of heavy gauge galvanized angle which is wired to the under slab pipe. It keeps the pipe where it needs to be.


What is a counterflow style furnace?

A counterflow furnace is the one which simply has the plenum on the bottoml allowing for proper under slab heating.


His do we connect piiping?

With spiral connectors.


In what direction should piping in underslab Heating slope?

Always towards the furnace.


What is one unique feature of a slab endcap?

It has wings which just down inside the pipe the which prevent it from collapsing.


What kind of piping must be used with high efficiency appliances?

ULC S636 PVC must be used for BH Type venting.


What do all non electric furnaces and hot water Tanks need?

Combustion air. Brought in through an intake hood installed on the outside of the house.


How did we dispose if fumes from furnaces etc. ?

Through a common vent on the outside of the house. It goes: flu collar connection (on appliance)-->vent connector( really just more or less pipe) ---> hood of vent.


What is a vent connector?

It's a portion of the combustion venting system that conveys the flue gases from the appliance to Common vent or chimney. Often made of single wall pipe; heavy gauge depending on heat pipe is exposed to.


What is a B vent connector?

Double walled vent connector used on gas appliances. Keeps gases warm to make them exit the building. Also used in close proximity to combustibles. Withstands up to 243°C


What's a ventilated thimble?

An accordion-like arrangement which goes over pipe and allows it to escape harmlessly midst a combustible wall. If wall is combustible this MUST be used.


If you see an empty masonry chimney, you...?

Line it! With an aluminum chimney liner.


What is a draft hood connector?

Also called a double to single wall connector. Kind of self explanatory.