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Muddy waters

Champagne and reefer
Chicago Blues
Guitar, drums, harmonica, bass, vocals

-Rolling Stones got name from him
-transitional from blues to rock & roll
-got name from playing in miss river


Jeff Peterson

Song: Haleakala
Style: Hawaiian slack key guitar
Instrumentation: guitar

-dad was rancher & learned by going with workers & listening
-slack key linked to lap steel


Wes Montgomery

Song: Bumpin on Sunset
Style: Jazz in 1960s
Instrument: guitar, bass, drums, piano, bongos, strings

-ability to learn melodies and riffs by ear
-used thumb to play quietly in apartment
-recognized by Lionel Hampton
-played in octaves


Jimmy Hendrix

Song: Foxey Lady
Style: Rock & Roll
Instrumentation: guitar, drums, bass

-progenitor of modern rock guitar playing
-fender guitar(backwards) and Marshall amp
-died young of drug overdose


Pat metheny

Song: bright size life
Style: Jazz fusion
Instrumentation: guitar, drums, bass

-taught at university @ young age
-played with most famous electric bass player pastorious


Tony Rice

Song: Church Street Blues
Style: bluegrass
Instrumentation: guitar

-played in group led by David Grissom in 70s
-modernized bluegrass
-had to take jazz guitar lessons to get chords
-flat picking & capo


Paco de Lucia

Song: entre dos aguas
Style: flamenco
Instrumentation: electric bass, bongos, 2 guitars

-God of flamenco guitar
-brought flamenco to public eye
-good enough to cross over into other styles & played with John McLaughlin


Tommy Emanuel

Song: those who wait
Style: solo acoustic guitar
Instrumentation: guitar

-played all over Australia with family as a kid
-played at olympics
-most important solo steel string acoustic guitarist today


Duane Allman

Song: statesboro Blues
Style: southern rock
Instrumentation: organ, 2 guitars, 2 drums, bass

-started Allman brothers
-big contribution as slide guitar player
-first band with 2 guitarists who could really play & 2 drummers


Django Reinhardt

Song: nuages
Style: gypsy Jazz
Instrumentation: guitar, drums, piano, bass

1. Established gypsy jazz
2. Badly damaged hand in caravan fire so played with 2 fingers
3. Survived WWII as gypsy by playing for nazis @ clubs


Charlie Christian

Song: rose room
Style: swing/Jazz
Instrumentation: guitar, bass, drummer, pianist, clarinet, vibes

-played on street with bro for $ bc dad was blind
-father of jazz guitar even tho died at 25
-1st to establish bebop


Fernando sore

Song: Minuet Op. 11, No. 6
Style: classical
Instrument: guitar

-born in Spain in military family
-wrote a lot of pieces
-idea was write on grand staff


Joe statriani

Song: always with me, always with you
Style: Rock fusion
Instrumentation: guitars,bass keyboards, percussion, drums

-studied jazz theory with Lenny tristano
-surfing with the alien
-his rock melodies are accessible to ppl


Jennifer Batton

Song: freeway jam
Style: fusion
Instrumentation: guitars, bass, drums

-toured with Micheal Jackson
-played beat it solo perfect to get the gig
- played on tour with idol Jeff beck


Jeff beck

Song: behind the wall
Style: fusion
Instrumentation: guitar, bass, keyboard, drums

-played in yardbirds
-known as hot head; smashed equipment
-stopped using a pick in the 80s; rare


Francisco Tarrega

Song: recuerdos De la Alhambra
Style: classical-romantic
Instrumentation: guitar

-most prominent romantic era composer
-lost most vision as child
-rebellious kid, ran away a lot


Joe pas

Song: summertime
Style: jazz
Instrumentation: guitar

-1 of most prominent jazz guitarists in history
-mid 70s album: virtuouso put him on map
-1st to improvise harmonically on guitar


andy McKee

Song: drifting
Style: solo acoustic
Instrumentation: guitar

-unique tapping style
-grew up a metal fan
-often uses banjo capo