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what is a Router

A Router has the role of sending out the data packets to different locations and making sure they all have reached its destination as they all travel in different directions and once they have reached, each packet is numbered so they would know if one is missing


WAP (Wireless Access Point)

this is like a wifi box at your house as it provides wifi, wirelessly. sometimes it may be secured to limit the number of people accessing this wifi or it may be free so anyone can use the wifi


Characteristics of a Router

Multiport devices with high-speed
less chance of failure


Characteristics of WAP

AKA hotspot
radio transmitters enabling connection between devices and the internet



allows you to connect multiple computers together while allowing you to share data/ data packets between them.
There are different types of ports, each allowing you to connect a different amount of people on to the device e.g. "single port" - allows one
"8 port hub" - allows 8 people

when data arrives at a hub, it transmits the data to all of the other hubs. this would mean that there would be a lot of data collisions occurring